Rehydrating beverages for this monsoon season

On a humid afternoon, nothing beats a glass of rehydrating drink. After a few sips, you're ready to face the weather monster

Rehydrating beverages for this monsoon season

New Delhi: On a humid afternoon, nothing beats a glass of rehydrating drink. After a few sips, you're ready to face the weather monster again. As the monsoon season begins in India, I'm sure we'll will enjoy the rainy days, earthy smell, and tasty snacks. But, don't forget, the changing weather can also have negative effects on our bodies. One of the most common issues we see is dehydration. As a result, we've compiled a list of ready-to-drink rehydrating beverages that you should try this monsoon season.

Watermelon Drink/Juice

Watermelon juice is another great way to stay hydrated and refreshed during the sludgy season. It contains Vitamins A, B6, B1, and C, providing a slew of advantages. Watermelon is 90 per cent water, making it an excellent hydration drink. It also contains a lot of amino acids, antioxidants, and Lypocene. Minute Maid provides tetra packed and bottled ready to drink watermelon juice with 100 percent natural flavours for convenience.

Coconut Water

That coconut water for you is a nutritious drink that is low in calories and carbs. Natural vitamins and minerals abound in coconut water. As a result, it is an excellent hydration beverage during the summer and monsoon seasons. The beverage hydrates you while keeping your calorie and carbohydrate intake to a minimum. While carrying a coconut around can be inconvenient, brands such as Earthmade Organix, Real, and others offer ready-to-drink bottled tender coconut water that you can consume anywhere, at any time.

Electrolyte drinks

An electrolyte is a mineral that aids in the maintenance of our body's water level. They can be found in blood, tissues, organs, and so on. Water, electrolytes (usually sodium and potassium), and water are all ingredients in electrolyte drinks. These drinks are mostly water because their main purpose is to rehydrate. Although the electrolyte and sugar levels can vary depending on the intended use, such as post-exercise recovery or recovery from diarrhoea or sickness. Gatorade, ORS, Electral, and other readily available electrolyte drinks are examples.


Smoothies are another excellent way to incorporate electrolyte-rich foods into your diet. Smoothies contain whole foods such as fruits, seeds, vegetables, nuts, and so on, which provide our bodies with the nutrients they require. You should choose this drink if you want to replace lost electrolytes in a healthy and nutritious way that isn't too heavy to consume. Daily Harvest and Revive Superfoods, for example, provide a wide range of ready-to-drink healthy smoothies.

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