Encroachments: Hyderabad traffic police serve notices to 2,112 establishments

Hyderabad traffic police initially began by educating the intruders

Traffic Police

HYDERABAD: As part of their Removal of Obstructive Parking (ROPE) initiative, the Hyderabad traffic police issued showcase notices to 2,112 commercial establishments for alleged encroachments.

Among the 2,112 cases, 1,775 establishments received showcase notices in the South District and 337 in the North District. These cases were booked as part of special drives that took place between September 15 and November 19, 2022.

AV Ranganath, Joint Traffic Commissioner, Traffic, said, "As part of ROPE's special drives, more than 300 businesses and commercial buildings were reported through FIRs for trespassing and encroaching. Many people rectify themselves and line up after showcase notices."

The Hyderabad traffic police have been conducting special drives from September 15, 2022 against obstructive parking and encroachment operations in many places in the city as part of the elimination of obstructive parking and encroachment initiatives.

Hyderabad traffic police initially began by educating the intruders. They later issued warnings, filed cases and even confiscated their products encroaching onto the road. Hyderabad traffic police are also collaborating with the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) to remove encroachments throughout the city.

"As previously stated, it is the responsibility of store owners and supermarkets to provide adequate parking. We have begun booking establishments, and larger establishments have been observed impeding pathways or causing encroachments. The store owners are now being charged for parking violations and encroachments," said A V Ranganath.

In addition, Hyderabad traffic police hold regular meetings with establishments, hawkers, schools, colleges, auto drivers, RTC drivers and all stakeholders to educate them on road rules and parking regulations. After conducting awareness campaigns throughout the city, the city traffic police will register cases and issue showcase notices.

According to the Hyderabad traffic police, residential apartments and educational institutions should allocate 30 percent of the total built-up area, hotels, lodges whereas commercial buildings should allocate 40 percent. Malls and multiplexes are supposed to allocate 60 percent for parking spaces.

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