Heritage guardians concerned about decaying Saidanima Tomb

The Saidanima Tomb is located next to the Sailing Club.

1800/ 2022

1800/ 2022

HYDERABAD : The Saidanima Tomb, which is located next to the Sailing Club, has Hyderabadi Heritage guardians concerned about its crumbling state. The saddest thing is that the monument is losing beauty behind the Archaeological Survey of India(ASI) board, despite the blue ASI board out front proclaiming it to be a protected landmark.

According to Juhee Ahmed, member of the Heritage Buffs Group of Hyderabad, the decrepit and abandoned Saidanima Tomb requires immediate maintenance. If it is not visited soon, this landmark will be lost to Hyderabad.

Juhee Ahmed, who just went to the monument on Sunday, expressed alarm about how run-down it was and claimed that there was even a dead tree perched over the fence that would harm this important piece of history if it fell.

Juhee Ahmed, a supporter of heritage preservation and a member of the Hyderabad-based Heritage Buffs Group, stated, "The Saidanima Tomb/Makbara urgently needs support because it has been abandoned and is deteriorating. If this priceless monument is not preserved, it will fall apart and be lost to the people of Hyderabad. I urge the competent authorities to please take action to protect this lovely building because our legacy is priceless. Perhaps Hyderabad's corporates can contribute CSR funds to help restore the monument, as there are more and more corporates placing their CSR in causes like "heritage preservation".

The Archeological Survey of India (ASI) board, which was set up in front of the monument, reads, "This has been designated as an ancient monument and made a protected monument under the Andhra Pradesh ancient and historical monuments and archaeological sites and remains ACT 1960. According to Section 30 of the ACT, anyone who destroys, removes, damages, alters, defaces, imperils, or misuses this monument is subject to a three-month prison sentence, a fine of up to Rs 5,000, or both. "Ancient monuments are your legacies; do not disfigure them."

The penalty for damaging a monument has been stated in the archaeological survey board. Hyderabad residents do, however, wonder who should be held accountable for the monument's deteriorating condition.

Mohammad Farooq, a national motorcycle champion, told Newstap, "This is my great great grandmother's tomb. It's a shame to have a sign displayed in front of the monument, saying it is being taken care of by the Archeological Department. Isn't it?

He added further, "I only ask that it be restored like all the other monuments by the government. It is simply a magnificent piece of architecture and a magnificent monument. The competent authorities should maintain the monument because it doesn't look good with grass and moss growing on it. I only anticipate that the necessary authorities will properly maintain the monument."

Senior Hyderabadi historian Asif Ali Khan remarked, "The monument, which is a protected monument and is currently under the care of Telangana State's Department of Archeology and Museums, is in a state of extreme and utter neglect. It is heartbreaking to witness the characteristics of such a stunning architectural wonder deteriorating as a result of weathering damage and the growth of moss and weeds. It is not even protected by a wall or fortification. "

He further added, "The current Mutawalli apparently asked IAS Arvind Kumar to restore a destroyed step-well that is in the boundary; I believe work on it is currently underway. The government is responsible for preserving and restoring these kinds of lovely, delicate monuments to their former splendour since they have a great deal of potential as tourist attractions. "


It is a historic tomb that was built for Nawab Abdul Haq Diler Jung's mother, Saidanima Saheba, around 1893. Diler Jung held a high position in the Nizam's administration during the reign of the 6th Nizam, H.H. Mir Mahbub Ali Khan Bahadur. Diler Jung was buried alongside his mother after his demise.

A photograph of Saidanima's Tomb was shot by famed photographer Raja Deen Dayal in late 1800s.


It is a stunning example of Mogul-era Islamic architecture with the best stucco embellishments. The exquisite ornamentation surrounding the multifoiled arches on facades, the Islamic design jalis, and the breathtaking frescos are all examples of the exceedingly fine craftsmanship.

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