Hyderabad City Police 'ROPE' in triple E plan for smooth traffic flow

The proposed action plan for better traffic management could only succeed if the general public cooperates

Hyderabad city police

Hyderabad city police

HYDERABAD: Hyderabad city police have developed an action plan to improve the free flow of traffic, which in turn improves the quality of life, in response to the flagrant violations of traffic laws and encroachments present on most of the major roads in the city, including national highways passing through the city.

The three golden pillars of traffic management—enforcement, education, and engineering—as well as the ongoing operation "ROPE"—the removal of obstructive parking and encroachments—were all discussed detailed in a power point presentation that City Police Commisoner CV Anand gave to members of the media on Thursday.

CV Anand remarked, "Since the Covid-19 epidemic, the sharp growth in personal transportation, including cars and two-wheelers, has been the main factor contributing to increased congestion on city roadways. The number of vehicles climbed to about 18 percent more in 2022 as compared to 2019 and there are currently 77,65,487 automobiles on the road as a whole. Additionally, there are now more traffic complaints being made to the Dial 100 helpline ".

In order to educate all stakeholders on traffic laws and parking regulations, Hyderabad City Police has chosen to organize frequent meetings with businesses, hawkers, schools, colleges, drivers of cars and RTCs, as well as any other interested parties. A specific enforcement drive will be launched to track out persistent violators after awareness campaigns have been conducted.

According to the guidelines established by G.O.M.S.No. 168, parking space should be allotted for 30 percent of the total built-up area by residential apartments and educational institutions, 40 percent by hotels, lodges, and commercial buildings, and 60 percent by malls and multiplexes.

CP Anand hinted at a harsh approach on enforcement when he remarked that more towing cranes would be put to use to keep the carriage way clear. The focus will be on quality enforcement rather than quantity, and its effects on following traffic laws will be examined. All senior officials will concentrate on regulation during busy times. Stop line discipline will be strictly enforced . Stringent measures will be initiated against commuters resorting to wrong side driving, triple riding , improper number plates, black films etc.

He further added, "Engineering measures will be investigated and put into place, such as junction construction, constructing signs boards at free left turns, ensuring a safe turning radius at U-turns, and adopting reversible lanes in accordance with traffic flow. Colony residents frequently complain about traffic on internal roads, therefore the city police have chosen to focus more on these problems. Improvements to road markings, bus stops, and bus bays will shortly be put into action".

The traffic wing's social media unit will expand digital education campaigns to reach out to more young people through awareness videos, sessions, and so on.

The police commissioner has introduced the fourth "E," Enablement, into traffic management, with an increased emphasis on catering to the welfare needs of traffic personnel through regular health camps, kit bags, and continuous capacity building at the Traffic Training Institute. The traffic wing has been strengthened further with the allocation of 40 SIs and Inspectors from the 2010 batch. Around 100 home guards and 100 women personnel from CAR will be deployed for traffic duties to cover more junctions.

Seeking the cooperation of commuters, particularly drivers of private and public transportation vehicles, CP Anand stated that the proposed action plan for better traffic management could only succeed if the general public completely supports traffic police officers.

The city police chief stated that ATC, which is part of the Integrated Traffic Management System, will be implemented throughout the city. He also unveiled the new traffic wing logo.

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