IIT-H launches Electrical Engineering in fabless chip design and tech

IIT-Hyderabad, in line with India's Semiconductor Mission launched a four-year Bachelors' programme in Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

HYDERABAD: Department of Electrical Engineering, in line with India's Semiconductor Mission to promote talents from Chip to Startups, launched a four-year Bachelors' programme in Electrical Engineering with a focus on IC (Integrated Circuit) Design and Technology on Saturday. The programme aimed at providing world-class 'IC Design and Manufacturing' specialists trained in the concepts and techniques of Fabless Chip Design and manufacturing, contributing significantly towards making India a Semiconductor Nation.

Further, the program intended to provide summer and semester-long industry internships to students to adapt to the market's demand. The students would benefit from the academic acumen of IIT-H's Faculty and Practical Expertise in the global industry and academic institutes in the field of IC Design and manufacturing. IIT-H was gratified to also have an incubator, FabCI supporting startups in the field of IC Design and equipped with world-class infrastructure and clean room to accelerate the wholesome learning of the students who chose this discipline.

Complimenting IITH's step, Scientist 'G' & Group Coordinator (R&D in Electronics & IT), Meity, Dr Sunita Verma, said, "The Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Course with specialization in IC Design & Technology of IIT Hyderabad is being initiated just at the right time. The course curriculum focusing on creating industry-ready design designers at the undergraduate level is a welcome move to make India a global talent hub in the semiconductor design area".

Joint Secretary (Electronics), Meity & Interim CEO, ISM,Mr Amitesh Sinha, said, "Now the time has come to produce the Semicon Packaging & Manufacturing experts also. I am happy to learn that IIT Hyderabad has launched BTech Program in IC Design & Manufacturing. Such course will long in making India a Semiconductor Talent nation".

Talking about the program's relevance with NEP 2020, Director, IIT-H, Prof B S Murty, said, "Engineering institutes should strive to generate industry-ready human resources. With India moving fast into the semiconductor manufacturing space, it is essential for us to generate competent human resources in this field. One such step from IITH is the BTech in Electrical Engineering with insight into IC Design & Technology. It is in line with India's mission to not only become a global player but a leader in semiconductor design & product development."

Mapping the objectives of this program,Head - Dept of Electrical Engineering, Prof Shiv Govind Singh, said, "Tape out of chip design and hands-on training in semiconductor fabrication labs are the major USPs of this program. Strong practical exposure with summer & semester-long industry training is additional merit of this course."

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