KTR urges Telangana youth to make best use of govt job openings

KTR has urged them to focus on preparation to bag State government jobs in view of the large number of vacancies notified recently


HYDERABAD: Telangana's IT, Industries & Commerce Minister K T Rama Rao has urged them to focus on preparation to bag State government jobs in view of the large number of vacancies notified recently.

In a letter written to them on Sundays, the Minister said that Telangana would etch its name in the nation's history as the only State to have filled over 2.25 lakh government jobs within a span of nine years.

KTR said that the number of jobs filled by the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) government were much higher than the numbers assured in the party's manifesto.

While one lakh jobs were assured in the manifesto,1.35 lakh government jobs were successfully filled in the first term of the TRS government under the leadership of Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao.

And in the party's second term, the process of filling 90,000 government jobs was taken up on priority basis, said the Industries Minister, who added that the Public Service Commission and other departments have already issued notifications for 32,000 jobs till now.

The notifications for jobs in Gurukul Educational Institutions would be issued soon, said KTR.

He said that KCR strived hard to fulfill the aspirations of people during the Statehood agitation, to give priority to locals in filing jobs. The Minister said that 95% of all government jobs were reserved for local candidates as per the Presidential Order, and that the age limit for the jobs was relaxed by the State government under the leadership of KCR.

KTR said that the spirit of Telangana movement had been realized with the new Zonal System introduced. He said that jobs in several departments were regularized too.

New methods were adopted by the TRS Government to expedite the process of recruitment. Besides the Public Service Commission, the process was decentralized by recruiting through the Police Recruitment Board, Gurukul Educational Institutions, and other boards, he said.

Reminding the youth of the allegations leveled against recruitment process adopted by the Public Service Commission before Telangana was formed, the Minister said that after formation of the State and TRS formed the government, every post was being filled in a transparent manner as per the orders given by KCR.

Interviews for Group-I jobs was scrapped to avoid any form of discrimination. Now, in sharp contrast to the earlier times, there were no controversies over the recruitment process.

KTR informed the youth that besides government jobs, the TRS government extended complete support in providing a mammoth number of jobs in the private sector. Till now, over 17 lakh job opportunities had been created in the private sector.

Not stopping at that, the IT and Industries Minister said, the State government created a robust startup ecosystem to encourage innovative ideas of youth. As part of this, T-Hub, T-Works, WE Hub, TSIC, were established.

He said that public representatives from TRS in their personal capacity had set up coaching centers and provided other resources to youth preparing for government jobs. Various government departments too were providing coaching to unemployed youth. Added to this, government libraries were equipped with books and other facilities.

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