Permission, CCTVs, decorum, required for New Year: Cops issue guidelines to club owners

Hyderabad Police issued several guidelines to the managements of hotels and pubs with regard to New Year celebrations on December 31 and January 1

C V Anand

HYDERABAD: The Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad, issued several guidelines to the managements of hotels, clubs and pubs with regard to New Year celebrations on the intervening night December 31 and January 1.

Following is the list of guidelines.

1. The respective managements of hotels, clubs and pubs who are going to conduct events/programmes till 1.00 AM (midnight) should apply to the Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad for grant of permission to the undersigned at least 10 days before.

2. As per A.P Public Safety (Measures) Enforcement Act, 2013, the organiserss will ensure that CCTV Cameras with recording facility is installed at all the entry and exit points of establishment. CCTV Cameras will also be installed with recording facilities at parking places.

3. The organisers and respective managements should provide adequate security guards for traffic respective managements and security/ access to their establishment.

4. Decency of apparel, dance acts, gestures and words has to be ensured by organisers. There should not be any obscenity and nudity in any of the performances.

5. Sound levels to be maintained at equal or less than 45 decibels.

6. The organisers are warned not to allow any firearms at the venue of events.

7. The organisers should ensure that passes/tickets/coupons should not be granted in excess to the capacity as this may lead to law and order problems.

8. Special parking arrangements should be made by the organisers and there should not be any obstruction to free flow of traffic.

9. Orderliness should be maintained by the organisers inside the venue.

10. No minors should be permitted in programmes organised for couples and in pubs and bars.

11. Organisers of programmes are strictly warned that no person should be allowed to use drugs or narcotics and psychotropic substances and if the respective managements fail to prevent the same it would lead to culpability of respective managements and action will be taken as per law. organisers should pay special attention to parking areas and other places where drugs are clandestinely sold.

12. The Organizers should appoint an adequate number of security guards for taking care of systematic parking inside premises as well as to regulate Traffic in front of the entry and exit gates.

13. They should not serve liquor beyond the hours permitted by the Excise Department.

14. It is the responsibility of the respective managements of pubs/bars to make necessary arrangements to provide drivers/cabs to the customers who are in a drunken state to reach their destinations safely.

15. There should not be any display or use of fireworks.

16. Instructions of the District Fire Officer/Regional Fire Officer should be complied with.

17. Liability for any loss, damage, nuisance etc. life and property as a sequel to functioning of the establishment will rest with the applicant.

The police also asked pubs, bars and hotels to display the following advisories inside and outside their premises.

(a) Drunk driving is an offence U/s 185 M.V. Act.

(b) Permissible alcohol limit is below 30 micrograms/100 ml of blood. Anything above that, as recorded by a breathalyser is a violation.

(c) If you are found driving the vehicle in a drunken condition a case will be booked against you by the police. In such case, if any person with valid Driving License accompanies you, he has to undergo a breath test. If found not inebriated, the vehicle will be given to him, otherwise the vehicle will be shifted to the police station for temporary custody.

(d) The respondents will have to come to the Police Station the next working day along with the original Driving License and Registration Certificate of the vehicle and take back the vehicle. Whenever police summons, you should attend the court and police will file a charge sheet against you.

(f) Following punishment can be awarded:

• Penalty for Drunken driving is Rs. 10,000 and/or 6 months imprisonment.

• Driving Licence will be suspended for 3 months and above or permanently.

(g) Minors should not drive the vehicle and owners will be held responsible.

(h) Silencers of two wheelers should not be removed and noise pollution should be avoided.

(i) Customers are also informed that speeding, dangerous driving and racing in public places will also be punishable under sections 183, 184 of M.V.Act.

The concept of "designated driver for a day" who can safely take home people without them indulging in drinking beyond limit to be explained to the customers as well as displayed at prominent places for their safety.

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