Protests erupt at UoH, students demand safe campus

Students in protest have called for the termination of Professor Ravi Ranjan

University of Hyderabad(UoH)

HYDERABAD: Protests erupted at the University of Hyderabad (UoH) campus after a rape attempt on an international student was reported on Saturday. Several students gathered outside the University campus and expressed their outrage at the incident.

Students who expressed solidarity with the victim demanded that the campus be made safe for students. Students in protest have called for the termination of Professor Ravi Ranjan.

The students who are currently protesting at the University's main gate claim that the registrar ignored all of their calls while the student community was gathered in support of the victim all night. They even claimed that the relevant authorities purposefully delayed and passed around responsibilities.

The students union, which strongly condemned the incident, has urged all students, faculty, teaching and non-teaching campus community members to hold the responsible authorities accountable and to demand justice from the University administration. According to the students union, this is a critical time to unite in order to ensure the safety of all students on campus.

A professor was accused of attempting to rape an international student. Ravi Ranjan, a faculty member in the University of Hyderabad's Department of Hindi, School of Humanities, has been identified as the professor.

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