Sahasra Kalasa Abhishekam performed at Venkateswara Vaibhavotsavam

A similar fete was replicated for the sake of devotees in Hyderabad on Wednesday.

Sahasra Kalasa Abhishekam

HYDERABAD: The devotees witnessed a divine visual of Sahasra Kalasa Abhishekam Seva offered to Bhoga Srinivasa Murthi — the silver replica of Mula Virat — at the NTR Stadium in Hyderabad on Wednesday as part of the ongoing Venkateswara Vaibhavotsavam.

The unique Sahasra Kalasabhishekam was performed on Wednesday after the morning sevas of Suprabhatam, Tomala, Archana, Koluvu, Nivedana, and Sattumora.

A special abhishekam was performed to the processional deities of Swamy Varu, his two consorts, and Viswaksena, the supreme commander of the Lord.

According to the temple legend, the Pallava Queen Samavai Perundevi consecrated the idol of Bhoga Srinivas Murthy in 614AD, and every year to commemorate this auspicious occasion, TTD observes Sahasra Kalasabhishekam at Bangaru Vakili. A similar fete was replicated for the sake of devotees in Hyderabad on Wednesday.


A sacred thread has been tied to Bhoga Srinivasa Murty, linking him to the Mula Virat within the Garbhalayam (sanctum). The rope is tied around the feet of the Bhoga Srinivasa Murthy, and the other end is placed near the Kathithasta of the Mula Virat, symbolically establishing a relationship between the main deity and the Bhoga Srinivas Murthy in order to achieve two goals. Bhoga Srinivasa is representing Mula Virat, and pooja performed for Bhoga Srinivasa Murthy is nothing more than the puja performed for the main deity.


Swamy with His two consorts Sridevi and Bhudevi are also brought from the Sanctum along with the idol of Viswaksena. The deities were offered holy bath with the aromatic Parimala Theertham filled in the one Thousand and Eight Silver reciting Pancha Suktas and the Pancha Shanthi Mantras by Acharya Purushas. The entire event lasted for nearly one and a half hours between 8.30am and 10am. The devotees who took part in this celestial ritual were immersed in the devotional waves chanting "Govinda…Govinda" with utmost religious fervour and devotion.


Yet another unique and important ritual, the Tiruppavada Seva, which is usually offered every Thursday in Tirumala temple, will be replicated during the ongoing Venkateswara Vaibhavotsavams on October 13 between 8.30 am and 10.30 am.

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