Skyroot joins Dhruva in celebrating satellite launch; PM, CM, KTR greet

Both Hyderabad-based startups, KCR said, opened doors for private players in the Indian space sector and provided a good start for India

Dhruva Space

HYDERABAD: Hyderabad start-up ecosystem celebrated the succcessful launch of nano satellites by Dhruva Space. Skyroot Aerospace, which launched its rocket last week, joined Dhruva team at PVR for a live telecast of the lift off and the placement of the satellites in the synchronous orbit.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated Hyderabad-based Dhruva Space and Bangalore-based Pixel Space on the successful launch of nano satellites into synchronous orbit on Saturday.

Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao expressed happiness over the successful launch of two nano satellites designed by Telangana's Dhruva Space, first private company to make satellites in India, on Saturday.

The achievement of Hyderabad-based Dhruva Space marks a significant turning point in the history of the nation's entrepreneurial ventures and private-sector satellite launches, said Chief Minister KCR.

He also lauded Skyroot Aerospace, which launched its Vikram-S rocket successfully last week. The Chief Minister said that Skyrocket Aerospace, a T-Hub nurtured start-up, has made history by being the first private company to launch a private rocket.

Both Hyderabad-based startups, KCR said, opened doors for private players in the Indian space sector and provided a good start for India, which was aiming to increase its share of the global space economy. He added that both launches helped Telangana gain global recognition in the aerospace sector. He said that these success stories strengthened Hyderabad's position as a SpaceTech hub.

The Chief Minister also said that Telangana Government would always support young men and women in showcasing their exceptional talent to the world by making their brilliant ideas a reality through their startup companies.

He also congratulated Telangana IT Minister KT Rama Rao, senior officials, and T-Hub officials on the occasion, saying, "T-Hub was launched with an aim of bringing out such talents and creating opportunities in the fields of science, technology, and information technology. This was only the beginning, and "I am confident that it will reach many more milestones in the future".

Telangana IT Minister K T Rama Rao congratulated Dhruva Space on Twitter, saying, "Congratulations to Team Dhruva Space, led by Chaitanya Dora, Kranthi Musunuru, Abhay Egoor, Krishna Teja, and Sanjay Nekkanti. What a proud moment Take a bow, and keep flying high."

Dhruva Space held the event at PVR Cinemas Irrum Manzil Hyderabad for the employees', their family & friends and ham radio operators across the city. The private event observed the launch livestream from ISRO's official website.

After the event, the team learned in the second livestream by ISRO that the deployment of satellites from the Deployer was successful.

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