Tank Bund Shiva requests KTR to visit house warming of 2BHK

Tank Bund Shiva and his wife Shanti have requested Minister KTR to visit their 2BHK house for its house-warming ceremony

Tank Bund Shiva

HYDERABAD: Someone loses hope in life and decides to take the extreme step. Someone fails an examination and fearing their future would be bleak. Choose to end life. Some other jilted lover jumps into Hussain Sagar heartbroken. A woman, saddened by dowry demands from her poor parents, thinks death is the end of all her woes and lands up in the murky waters of Hussain Sagar.

Some would fall to nature, but a few lucky souls would have an onlooker swiftly jump, swim and rescue them to safety. Saving over a 100 lives, 'Tank Bund' Shiva made a mark for himself. So what?

Hyderabad's famous Tank Bund Shiva and his wife Shanti have requested Telangana's IT and Industries Minister K T Rama Rao to visit their 2BHK house for its house-warming ceremony, which is scheduled on September 26.

The house, which was gifted to him by KTR about a year ago, did not celebrate house-warming as the couple wished to have KTR's presence on the auspicious occasion.

Who actually is Tank Bund Shiva?

Shiva moved to Hyderabad about 20 years ago with his wife. He had settled on the water front of Tank Bund. Since then, with his swimming skills, he saved lives of over 100 people who attempted suicide by jumping into Hussain Sagar, brought out bodies and devoted himself to doing public service around Tank Bund. People recognised him and named him as Tank Bund Shiva.

During Ganesh Utsav last year, Shiva was interviewed by a local media house, in which he requested that the Minister saw his video. He said that he knew that if KTR saw his story his life would definitely change. As if dame luck smiled on him, his wish of KTR watching the video came true. KTR, touched by Shiva's story, gifted him with a 2BHK house.Many personalities like Sonu Sood and local MLAs also offered him donations, after which the family finally had a shelter.

Tank Bund Shiva said, "KTR sir gave me and my family a shelter above our heads. I will forever be grateful to him. It is our wish that he comes and graces our house with his presence. I am extremely happy about this gesture. I had so many awards and certificates. I have a place to keep them now. My wife and children have a secure future. My only wish in life is to serve people. I want to be known only for the seva that I do and nothing else. I will continue to do public service selflessly."

He also said that he wishes to make a swimming pool nearby and teach swimming to children to empower them and also motivate more people to come forward and save lives.

His wife, Shanti said, "I do not want anything in life except to get the house keys and do the house warming in KTR sir's presence.We stayed on the road our entire lives and now we have a house of our own. It was possible because the Minister recognised my husband's work and gifted us the house. Our children will have a secure future. I feel a little sad that my husband might miss an opportunity to save someone's life. However, he is always devoted to public service and stays around Tank Bund the entire day."

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