Bandi Sanjay provides comic relief with contradictions

Bandi Sanjay said the Telangana government did not give any job notifications for the youth. A few minutes later, he said the government had given 20 job notifications

Bandi Sanjay Kumar

HYDERABAD: With 2023 being the election year in Telangana, politics are reaching their crescendo or witnessing a nadir, depending on one's perspective. Two incidents on Tuesday make one wonder where it is leading to.

Telangana state unit president of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Bandi Sanjay tried to deliver a point-by-point rebuttal to KCR’s speech of Monday, at a press conference at the BJP office. In the beginning of his speech, Bandi Sanjay said, the Telangana government did not give any job notifications for the youth of this state. A few minutes into his speech, Sanjay said the government had in fact given 20 job notifications.

In his flow of speech, he said that the Telangana government was conspiring to wean the youth away from the BJP. He also added that jobless youth were supporting the BJP and the government was releasing notifications to distract them by providing employment.

Coincidentally, a local daily owing allegiance to the BJP published an article that would put even the worst of vendetta politics to shame. ‘Kanti Velugu’ (testing of eyesight) is a scheme of the Telangana government that provides free eye care to the people of Telangana. People those need spectacles are provided with them and people who need to see a doctor are sent to hospitals for better treatment.

The vernacular daily wrote that this scheme was being implemented by the government so that voters could clearly see the symbol of the ruling party (BRS) on the electronic voting machine (EVM). Would better eyesight make voters see only one symbol better? Is there a special kind of eye care or eye glasses that the vernacular knows of that no one else is aware of?

Quaint are the ways of Sanjay’s views and his disciples do not disappoint him, either.

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