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OPINION: Dont be scared to be secular, Its a Constitutional mandate

OPINION: Don't be scared to be secular, It's a Constitutional mandate

22 Dec 2022 2:31 AM GMT

The less they bring up the matter of Hindu majoritarianism, the more power they hand to the ruling establishment.

FRO Ch Srinivasa Rao

FRO's killing in Telangana: Who's running 'jungle Raj' anyway, Mr Modi?

27 Nov 2022 4:11 AM GMT

The Telangana state government has been trying to address the issue at the local level. The problem though is India-wide

Amit Shah and KCR

Teflon-coated wheeler-dealer modern Chanakya's bargain fails, as KCR smells rat

30 Oct 2022 2:00 AM GMT

One of the TRS MLAs said that the BJP member who approached him mentioned that the offer came directly from Shah

Egoless backing to KCRs BRS, need of the hour to thwart BJP

Egoless backing to KCR's BRS, need of the hour to thwart BJP

8 Oct 2022 2:00 AM GMT

KCR, as he is fondly known, is ready to move beyond Telangana, the state he was instrumental in founding

Narendra Modi

Unleash ED, make them needy, get them to Modi

19 Sep 2022 3:29 PM GMT

The days are long gone when the BJP projected itself as a "party with a difference". It has now absorbed several opposition politicians against whom it initiated corruption cases

CM KCR, Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Whoa! KCR's Rythu Bandhu a freebie, but not Modi's corporate loan write-offs

2 Sep 2022 6:03 AM GMT

This July, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his now common advisory role as a World Guru, cautioned people against what he called "rewari culture".