2022 marks turnaround in TSRTC fortunes

Due to improved connectivity, the number of bus pass holders increased by 2.09 lakh, from 7.57 lakh in 2021 to 9.66 lakh in 2022

Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC)

HYDERABAD: This year 2022 marked a turning point in Telangana State Road Transport Corporation's (TSRTC) history as losses decreased while revenues appeared to have increased in the year 2022.

According to the TSRTC annual round-up report, the losses were Rs. 421.08 crores during the fiscal year, which is less than the Rs. 1,610.71 crores in 2021.

The year 2022 was indeed a special year for TSRTC since a number of ground-breaking and innovative initiatives were implemented, enhancing quality, ramping up passenger happiness, and boosting personnel motivation.

According to the TSRTC annual round-up, 74 Volvo metro luxury buses were converted into Rajdhani buses and 45 metro deluxe buses were converted into district deluxe buses. In addition, it purchased 630 super luxury and 130 deluxe buses to replace the ageing ones in order to reduce resource underutilization.

TSRTC implemented specific time-bound initiatives in the year 2022, creating an atmosphere of enthusiasm and hope among employees, as well as improved connectivity and safety for passengers.

The company has also strengthened its fiscal health by implementing innovative tactics into practise to boost passenger revenue, other revenues, and reduce losses.

Due to improved connectivity, the number of bus pass holders increased by 2.09 lakh, from 7.57 lakh in 2021 to 9.66 lakh in 2022.

Bus on Contract Reservations (BOC) increased from 2021 to 2022 by 1,171 per month and by Rs. 2.48 crores per month. Additionally, 35,209 BOC reservations were made in 2022.

The Corporation also implemented various challenges to increase revenues by motivating the crew, such as the 100-day challenge from April 22 to June 22, 2022.

TSRTC imposed a Diesel cess from April 9 to June 9, 2022, to compensate for the increase in diesel prices, which the travelling public enthusiastically accepted with no backlash from passengers.

The number of bus pass holders increased by 2.09 lakh from 7.57 lakh in 2021 to 9.66 lakh in 2022 due to improved connectivity.

The bus on contract reservations (BOC) climbed by 1,171 per month and Rs. 2.48 crores per month in 2022 versus 2021. Also, 35,209 BOC reservations were made in 2022, as per annual round-up.

Metro student combi ticket tariff was reduced from Rs.20 to Rs.10 in 2022 to allow students to travel in Metro express buses with Ordinary Bus Passes and avoid crush load in buses during peak hours, resulting in the sale of combination tickets sales increased by 10,000 per day

Unique Initiatives by TSRTC

  • In order to tour towns, colonies, etc. and learn more about their travel needs, a massive People Connect Program called "Prajala Vaddaku RTC" was implemented in all Depots as of September 9, 2022. TSRTC held 947 meetings and covered 897 routes as a result of which passenger traffic on the 473 routes increased.
  • Sabarimala Yatra Bus bookings were increased from 60 in 2021 to 144 in 2022, with only one bus booked in 2020. To increase patronage, the price of T-24 tickets was reduced from Rs.120 to Rs.100 beginning June 1, 2022. The average daily sales have increased from 10182 from April 22 to December 22, the revenue increased by Rs.12.42 lakhs per day.
  • On the occasion of World Tourism Day on September 27,2022, a package tour called "Hyderabad Darshan" was introduced with 5 Metro luxury A/C and Metro express buses to encourage tourism.
  • TSRTC also implemented the Sravanamaasam challenge in August 2022, resulting in an additional revenue of Rs 6.26 Crs and the highest earnings of Rs 20.11 Crs on the occasion of the Rakhi festival on August 12, 2022.
  • The Corporation ferried 11 lakh pilgrims from 52 significant sites in the state while operating 2,793 special buses for Medaram Jathara in February 2022, receiving praise from both the general public and the government.
  • TSRTC signed an agreement on November 5, 2022 with M/s L&T Metro Rail (Hyderabad) to provide the best possible services to Metro commuters from Metro Stations, including first and last mile connectivity.
  • The advance ticket reservation period in the Online Passenger Reservation System (OPRS) was increased from 30 days to 60 days to allow passengers to plan and book their journey tickets well in advance.
  • Normal fares were collected for special services operating during festivals and Jatharas such as Sankranthi, Dasara, Deepavali, and so on, so as not to burden ordinary passengers.
  • To improve motivation, cash awards were modified for conductors and TIM drivers who earned the highest percentage of earnings earned over and above the target amount during the month of September.
  • Three best conductors across all products and three TIM drivers will be recognised, with enhanced cash awards of Rs.800, 600, and 400 going to the top three and drivers, respectively.
  • TSRTC's Mechanical Engineering department introduced water-based, bio-degradable degreasing chemicals for cleaning parts instead of diesel for use at depots and workshops, resulting in annual savings of Rs.50 lakhs.

Future Plans of TSRTC

  • The corporation has proposed 3360 electric buses to be phased into the corporation by the end of 2025 as a replacement for diesel buses. RTC has also proposed to convert 25 Diesel buses to EV buses at the cost of Rs.16 Crs.
  • The corporation also intends to implement digitalization of stalls, commercial activities, and iTIMS by March 2023.
  • Smart Cards would be implemented in stages to issue bus passes, purchase tickets, and make other payments.
  • In September-22, 17 Sleeper buses, 348 Express, Pallevelugu, and City buses were hired and will be introduced soon.
  • TSRTC would soon launch the TSRTC Commercial App, which will accept digital payments for bus station stalls, fuel outlets, and advertising revenue.
  • A Whatsapp group called "Extra Mile" has been formed to recognise crew members who have gone above and beyond their call of duty in assisting passengers in locating lost baggage and valuables, identifying those in distress and in need of immediate assistance, such as those injured in accidents or suffering from sudden illness, and so on.
  • Another tour package, "Singareni Darshan," would be introduced soon as an educational tour demonstrating the process of mining coal and its use in power plants.
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