Arrogant SP Ghouse Alam’s slapping of SI Ravi Kumar enrages cops; police threaten protest, demand apology

Arrogant Adilabad SP Ghouse Alam slapped SI Ravikumar at Medaram. Policemen demanded an apology at Commissioner’s darbar on March 2

Arrogant SP Ghouse Alam’s slapping of SI Ravi Kumar enrages cops; police threaten protest, demand apology

WARANGAL: Adilabad Superintendent of Police Ghouse Alam’s act of making a sub-inspector A Ravi Kumar sit down on the floor and slapping him caused a stir among the policemen and also his family members.

The armed-reserve SI was performing security duty at Medaram Jathara and was going to have a darshan of the deities, when the SP acted in a highhanded manner, demonstrating the arrogance of power.

The SP made him squat on the ground and slapped him. The unsavoury attitude that occurred on Friday night stunned everyone around.

Ravi Kumar, who belonged to Rope Party of the Warangal Police Commissionerate, was deployed for duty at Medaram. He was sending his wife and children into the queue for a darshan.

Noticing this, the SP rushed to him and slapped him on his face.

Even as the SI was shocked at the behaviour of the SP, Ghouse Alam started abusing him in a filthy language and hurled invectives at the SI.

Seeing this, the family member of the SP felt hurt and began wailing.

The SP didn’t stop at that. He made the SI squat on the ground as a punishment.

When other policemen around protested, senior officials pacified them as the policemen were all on security duty.

The policemen expressed dismay over the attack by the SP on the SI. Constables and other policemen demanded that action should be taken against the SP. They said that they were strongly condemning the attack on their colleague officer.

They sought to know why direct darshan for policemen’s families which was the practice hitherto was discontinued.

They questioned if the director darshan was permitted only for the facility of families of senior officers.

They wanted a darbar to be conducted on March 2 at the Commissioner of Police Headquarters and make the SP apologise to the SI. Else, the SP should be made to tender an open apology for his atrocious behaviour in front of people in Medaram.

The policemen threatened to launch a dharna at the CP headquarters, if the top brass failed to make the SP apologise to the SI.

Dragged my husband like a thief, says SI’s wife

Ravi Kumar’s wife told media that her husband was ill-treated and dragged by Ghouse Alam the way a thief would be handled. He had manhandled her husband. “As my health was not good, my husband requested the policemen at the VIP queue on duty to let only her join the line. We have not been accompanied by anybody. Only I was put in the queue. When the SP, because he had a position of authority, behaved in the rudest possible manner. I went and touched his wife pleading with him to leave her husband. The SP created a worst scene that I felt I should never come back to Medaram.”

The highlight that made a stark contrast there was the protocol given to political strategist of the Congress party Sunil Kanugolu who was ushered in with State honours.

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