Bald and beautiful: Hairless men demand pension, form union

The bald-headed men of Koheda even formed a union (Battathala Baadhithula Sangham) and elected a full-fledged executive body


SIDDIPET: We have heard of victims of many types and the most glaring of them would be the husbands victimised by nagging wives. But here is a new breed of victims that will make you scratch your ‘head’.

Playing the victim card to perfection, a group of men came together in Tangallapally of Koheda mandal in Siddipet district. Before the genre of their victimhood can shock you out of your wits, here is some dope on their demand that is making all ‘hairy heads’ turn. They seek a pension of Rs 6,000 from the Telangana Government as compensation for a natural deficiency which, they feel, has driven them into victimhood.

Now, without teasing you further, we let the cat out of the bag on what type of ‘victims’ these hassled men are. These men are actually a ‘band of baldies’. Bald-headedness is a problem most men confront in their lives but only prefer to suffer in silence over this not-so-happy ‘shiny side’ of their exterior.

But the bald-headed men of Koheda are certainly a different breed for a reason. They not only came out into the open about their problem but also held a meeting on the premises of the Renuka Yellamma Temple in Tangallapally on Thursday. What’s more, they even formed a union (Battathala Baadhithula Sangham) and elected a full-fledged executive body.

Veldi Balaiah, the founding president of the union, came up with this stunning demand while addressing the gathering of bald-heads. He asked Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao (KCR) to extend them a pension of Rs 6,000. Claiming that bald-headed men were facing inexplicable humiliation and stigma in the society, he felt that they should also be treated as physically challenged and extended the pension.

While asking the State Government to initiate steps towards this end, he warned of an intensified movement through a district-level union of bald-headed men and even claimed to lay siege to Pragathi Bhavan in Hyderabad if their demand was not positively considered before this Sankranti festival.

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