Give Rs 18,000 cr to Telangana instead of buying Komatireddy, says Jagadish Reddy

Jagadish Reddy said that if the same amount was given to Munugode, the TRS would step-back from the by-elections.

Guntakandla Jagadish Reddy

MUNUGODE: Telangana Minister for Energy G Jagadish Reddy slammed Prime minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and the BJP-led Central Government for the Rs 18,000 crore project which the BJP gave to Komatireddy Raj Gopal Reddy before joining the BJP. He said that if only the same amount was given for the development of Munugode, the TRS (now BRS) would step-back from the upcoming by-elections.

Jagadish Reddy also said that the Rs 18,000 crores were given as a loan without interest or more like a gift to contest for the Munugode seat from the BJP. The byelections were being held just for political reasons and not for the development of Telangana or Munugode, he said.

"The money that was given to Raj Gopal Reddy was to stop the development of Telangana, which is developing at a very good pace in spite of not getting support from the Centre. Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao is spending Rs 30,000 crores for a power project at Daracherla, he spent Rs 20,000 crores to restore ponds and lakes, a total of Rs 90,000 crores was spent on building power stations and substations. The Centre did not help in any of these. We are taking loans at very high interest rates to do all this," Jagadish Reddy said.

He said the BJP, which preached Hinduism and disrespected every other party which supported otherwise, did not contribute anything for the development of Yadadri temple. He said KCR developed the Yadadri temple with Rs 1,000 crores.

Jagadish Reddy asked the Prime Minister to give the Rs 18,000 crores, which he gave to Komatireddy Raj Gopal Reddy to join the BJP, to Munugode and Telangana and that the State Government would complete all the pending projects with that money.

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