Had BRS focussed on publicity than work, it could have won, says KTR

"Before the election, Revanth Reddy promised to waive off farmers' loans. But after coming to power, they started playing drama of debts and white papers without trying to fulfill its promises," KTR said.

Had BRS focussed on publicity than work, it could have won, says KTR

HYDERABAD: BRS working president KT Rama Rao has said that if the party focussed more on propaganda than concentrating on work, it could have won the Assembly elections last month.

Speaking at the preparatory meeting of Mahabubabad Parliament constituency on Thursday, KTR said, "People gave us a chance for ten years. The Congress did not think it would come to power. It deceived the public with its fake guarantees. People even rejected those leaders who have done great work believing in the false propaganda of Congress.

"They spread word that ration cards were not given in the tenure of BRS. However the BRS Government gave 6,47,479 ration cards in nine-and-a-half years. Our Government gave maximum number of Government jobs in the country. We never marketed that. Our Government gave the highest salaries to Government employees but we did not advertise it," he said.

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Detailing the work of K Chandrashekar Rao (KCR) Government, KTR said, "He is the only leader in the country who had increased the salaries of Government employees by 73 per cent which is more than anyone else in the country. We even increased the number of pensions from 29 lakh to 46 lakh but filed to market it. Development lost before the lies of the Congress."

Reviewing the work of the current Government, KTR said, "Even though hundreds of welfare programmes were implemented during our Government's tenure, people were never made to stand in queues. We gave priority to people's comfort but never took advantage of it politically. We must remember that people did not reject us completely. The BRS won a third of the Assembly with 39 seats. In 14 seats, the defeat was less than 6,000 votes. Overall the difference between Congress and us is only 1.85 per cent.

Laying down the blueprint for the upcoming Parliament elections, KTR said, "Before the election, Revanth Reddy promised that he will waive off farmers' loans immediately. But after coming to power, they started playing drama of debts and white papers without trying to fulfill its promises. There is no need to be discouraged. Our party has strong and excellent leadership. We will hold such party meetings consecutively. We should take up programmes to bring all sections in the society closer to the party like providing reservation in local bodies for tribals.

"We have strong leadership in the Assembly. We are a strong opposition. Above all, we have a great leader like KCR. Mahbubabad Parliament elections should be the stepping stone for our victory," KTR told BRS leaders.

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Other leaders who spoke in the meeting include former Minister and MLA Kadiam Srihari. "From 1978 till today, various political changes have taken place in the State. NTR brought many reforms but was defeated in 1989. But he defeated the Congress again in 1994 where they didn't even get the opposition status. Likewise, we need to worry too much about our defeat as in 2028, the BRS will come back to power," he said.

Criticising the Congress, Srihari said, "There is no clarity on the implementation of the promises given by the Congress. In its manifesto, it was mentioned that if KCR gave Rs 10 lakh under Dalit Bandhu, it will be increased to Rs 12 lakh. It is condemnable of the Government to issue orders to stop grant of funds under the Dalit Bandhu scheme. It is inappropriate to engage in politics with Dalits. Let's work hard and win the Parliament seat in Mahabubabad."

Former Minister Satyavathi Rathod added, "Let us all stand together against the Congress Government's stance on Dalit Bandhu. An effort should be made to remove a few misconceptions amongst the tribals and gather their support to the BRS."

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