KCR calls for 'BJP mukt Bharat', says Telangana not ghulam to anyone

Telangana is the fastest progressing State in India and when we are peaking in terms of development the BJP is trying to cripple us down


HYDERABAD: "Telangana is the fastest progressing State in India and when we are peaking in terms of development, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is trying to cripple us down. They want 'chappal-carrying ghulams' to be here. What is really needed is a 'BJP mukt Bharat'. People of Telangana are not servile (ghulam) to anyone.

"People of Telangana are peaceful and the State has no communal disturbances as well. The BJP is trying to causer disturbances to this peace here. In the BJP-led Gujarat, people do not have electricity, drinking water, pensions or any facilities and they want to make Telangana also like that. We will not let that happen." thundered Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao on Monday.

He also said that the Centre was acting as an enemy to farmers by not purchasing their produce. Rates in international markets were falling and all the farmers were in losses. Farmers' associations leaders from around India wanted him to be the flag bearer of the national revolution against the BJP.

KCR also said that inflation was skyrocketing and prices on general commodities like milk and dairy products were also soaring very high. He said that the Narendra Modi-led Centre levied taxes on even the most basic commodities and were looting the public.

"The entire nation is looking at Telangana as an inspiration. I want all of us to continue to work with the same determination and enthusiasm and take Telangana to greater heights. I congratulate the people of Peddapalli district and everyone who worked towards this," said KCR after inaugurating the integrated district offices complex at Peddapalli.

To ensure effective administration, the State Government had taken up district reorganization. Accordingly, 33 new districts were formed and all the departmental offices were being stationed at the new Integrated District Office Complexes (IDOCs) for the convenience of people.

The Chief Minister would be inaugurating Nizamabad district office on September 5 and Jagtial district office on September 10.

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