KCR reiterates 'BJP-Mukt Bharat' call, to unite Opposition

CR said that the Modi Government had decided to strictly adhere to the "Becho India" agenda

KCR reiterates BJP

HYDERABAD: The 'BJP Mukt Bharat', according to Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao, can alone build a developed India. All of India's opposition parties, who are opposed to the BJP, must get together, he said at a press conference in Patna on Wednesday.

If they wanted to topple the BJP government and save India from BJP rule, all forces should fight together.

Chief Minister KCR accused the ruling party of hatching a conspiracy to divide India. India was losing in every sector. He said that the Modi administration was more focused on "privatisation" and "Becho India" than on nation-building.

Launching a diatribe against the BJP Government at the Centre, KCR said that the Modi Government had decided to strictly adhere to the "Becho India" agenda and was selling everything to corporates and privatising every national asset. There was no progress in any sector. The rupee had never plummeted to such a low against the dollar. The failure of the central government had impacted the country on many fronts.

The BJP never cared for any progress, but coined slogans to mislead people.

The BJP was debilitating India in the name of religion. "Where can you find Make in India?" KCR asked. He sought to know as to why even the Indian flags were being bought from China.

On the BJP-mukt Bharat, KCR stated that all opposition leaders would meet, discuss, and devise a strategy to challenge Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

He went on to accuse the Modi regime of disrespecting the national flag and Mahatma Gandhi. He also said that the BJP was implementing the same policies that they opposed when they were not in power.

He also asserted that the BJP was the richest political party in India and spent most money on advertising and publicity. "We are united in our opposition to the NDA. Who will be our leader will be decided later. We will select one after deliberations," he added.

When asked if Nitish Kumar would be the Anti-BJP front's PM candidate, KCR said, "Nitish Kumar is a great leader of the country. We will inform you of the PM's face once the meeting is completed."

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao met with his Bihar counterpart Nitish Kumar earlier today and visited the families of the Indian soldiers who died in the Galvan Valley. He presented cheques for Rs 10 lakh to each family of a martyr who died in the Galwan Valley on behalf of the Telangana government. In addition, he offered Rs. 5 lakhs in support to the families of the 12 Bihar workers who died in a fire at a lumber depot in Secunderabad in March 2022.

Highlights from Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao's Speech:

  • Salutations to the families of the martyred soldiers who lost their lives in the Galwan valley and the families of the workers who died in the Hyderabad fire mishap tragedy. My heart has been heavy for a long time to help the families of martyred soldiers. I came to this holy land of Patna to help the martyred soldiers' families.
  • Martyred soldiers' lives cannot be brought back. Everyone should hear that the entire country stands with the families of the soldiers who died. This will boost soldiers' and the Indian Military Forces' confidence.
  • Thousands of Bihar workers are assisting in the development of Telangana. They work in a wide variety of fields. The Union Government, which claims to be efficient, ignored the request to operate special trains during COVID19 Lockdown.
  • The migrant labourers from Bihar and other states in Telangana were seen as the state's representatives during the Corona crisis by the Telangana government. Both their joys and struggles are shared by us. During Corona, special trains were set up, and many workers and labourers were relocated to their various states.
  • We believe that all those who migrate to Telangana for work are the partners of the state's development.

Highlights of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's speech:

  • The one and only leader in the history of the nation is CM KCR. Telangana Chief Minister Nitish Kumar stated that CM KCR fought for Telangana, achieved statehood, and established Telangana as a role model in the country. CM KCR will be remembered as a one-of-a-kind leader in history.
  • Nitish Kumar lauded Telangana's rapid progress. The Bihar Chief Minister stated that Telangana's development and welfare programmes were a model for India.
  • It is commendable that the Telangana government provided Rs 10 lakh in financial assistance to martyred soldiers in Galwan Valley and Rs 5 lakh to the families of workers killed in the Hyderabad fire mishap.
  • The Telangana government arranged special trains to transport Bihar migrants during the Corona period. It proved CM KCR's goodness. No other state had taken such measures as the Telangana state government did in favour of migrant labourers.
  • Mission Bhagiratha is a great plan. It is a remarkable accomplishment that Mission Bhagiratha has achieved its goal of supplying safe drinking water to every Telangana village.
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