KCR wants to replicate Telangana model through BRS across India

BRS Supreme KCR while detailing the plan of the new party, said that it would roll out Telangana model like 24x7 power supply, welfare schemes like Dalit Bandhu, etc

K Chandrashekar Rao

HYDERABAD: Bharat Rashtra Samithi Supreme K Chandrashekar Rao, while detailing the plan of the new party, said that it would roll out Telangana model like 24x7 power supply, welfare schemes like Dalit Bandhu, etc.

Here are the highlights of KCR's roadmap for BRS:

Starting with a handful of people, we grew in strength into lakhs and now, are providing direction to the country.

♦ The TRS (BRS) family is now 60-lakh strong. We are forging ahead with stupendous development in Telangana.

♦ Telangana withstood the crippling times of Coronavirus with remarkable fiscal discipline and regulation when the whole country went backwards economically.

♦ We overcame acute drought conditions and transformed parched lands of Palamuru into a lush, green cultivated land with surplus water.

♦ This progress was possible with people working diligently at different layers.

♦ When we could reverse the fortunes of Telangana, imagine, how better we can develop 'ratna garbha Bharat' (mineral-rich India)!

♦ With the abundance of water resources, cultivable land and conducive weather conditions, India should have already emerged as the world's largest food-chain country.

♦ We are unable to utilise human resources, the wealth of young Indians is being wasted, attempts are being made to turn the youths into religious fanatics. There is a need to reverse this dangerous trend and it should start with the BRS. As part of this, there is a need to propagate the right ideology and create awareness among the people.

♦ BRS will work towards qualitative change and fiscal growth that will help the country scale greater heights. Let us move forward with the same sense of commitment to fight against the evil policies of the Central Government and bring in policies with refreshing change.

♦ With 40 crore acres of cultivable land and a 70,000 TMCs capacity of water, do our farmers still need to stage dharnas for these basic needs?

♦ Why are we in the forefront of the hunger index? Why is the scenario in the country unchanged even after many movements and struggles?

♦ Politics does not mean the vagaries of a political party. It is about the people and their representatives winning in the elections. BRS is formed for this precise qualitative change. We came a long way, overcoming obstacles and criticism. The country will remain in darkness if no one lights up a lamp of awareness. BRS is one such small lamp to spread light of awareness around.

♦ Country needs new national policies – there is a need to formulate national policies to achieve qualitative transformation in multiple sectors and for the comprehensive development of the country while erasing the failures of the dispensations that have ruled so far. Agriculture is the biggest casualty in agri-based India. Against this backdrop, the country is craving for a new agriculture policy.

♦ Despite having surplus water resources, the country witnesses water wars, which is unfortunate. How do you describe the plight of a cosmopolitan city like Chennai which struggles to get enough water?! The water crisis here is so acute that 'Tanneer, Tanneer', a film made on this distressing situation by renowned director Balachander, had won critical acclaim and became a huge hit. Irrational water policies and the battles being waged by neighbouring states, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka for their share of Cauvery waters need to be addressed. A course-correction is needed against the tendency to keep the water conflicts alive under the garb of meaningless tribunals.

♦ Our country boasts of natural resources that will enable us to generate lakhs of megawatts of electricity. Yet, there is a scenario where we are unable to provide electricity to all the villages. To reverse this trend, the country needs a new power (electricity) policy.

♦ Despite the potential to create a vibrant economy, why are the forex reserves of the country depleting? Why is the Indian rupee continuing to weaken as against the US Dollar? This warrants a new economic policy as well.

♦ Despite the abundance of natural wealth, why is there a lack of greenery in the country? There is a need to bring about a new environmental policy on the lines of the 'Harithaharam scheme for Telangana'. Also, even after seven decades of Independence, the ideals of equality and social justice are still a far-cry. The rulers were unable to deliver the benefits of development to the SCs, STs, BCs, Minorities and women. There is a need to come up with a new weaker section upliftment policy for the country, inspired by the schemes being implemented in Telangana for the social and economic empowerment of the weaker sections.

♦ It is time to review the policies that are subjecting more than 50 percent of women in the country to many types of discrimination. A women empowerment policy is needed to facilitate increased participation of women in the country's progress.

♦ A brainstorming exercise to formulate these new policies is going on involving retired judges, renowned economists and social activists besides intellectuals.

♦ The BRS is capable of providing 24-hour electricity to even the remotest of villages in the country, just like it is being implemented across Telangana. We can extend the Dalita Bandhu scheme to 25 lakh families every year. The BRS will commit itself to steer the country towards a new thought process and create a unique trend of growth and prosperity. The right steps towards attain the ideal of letting people win in elections should start with the BRS. Whole country should flourish in a regime of equal rights to all. Federal spirit should be safeguarded and authoritarian style of government should be given a go-by. Rule by autonomy should be implemented.

♦ We will campaign in Karnataka by extending our whole-hearted support to the JD(S) in the coming elections. Our MPs, MLAs and MLCs will actively involve themselves in the elections near our borders and ensure that H D Kumaraswamy once again becomes the Chief Minister. The BRS will begin its national political journey with Karnataka elections.

♦ On December 14, 2022, let us inaugurate the BRS party central office in Delhi. With the opening of the office, the national political activities of the BRS will also begin. The own building of the BRS will be ready in two, three months which will facilitate the full-scale activity from there.

♦ My sincere thanks to all the leaders of farmers unions who came from Karnataka, Maharashtra, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi and intellectuals that are in attendance at this meeting.

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