KTR asserts resistance against Congress Government if welfare schemes halted

KTR alleged that the Congress government had freezed bank accounts of selected Dalit Bandhu beneficiaries

KTR asserts resistance against Congress Government if welfare schemes halted

HYDERABAD: BRS working president KT Rama Rao voiced apprehension on Monday regarding the possible discontinuation of ongoing welfare schemes initiated by the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) in Telangana.

He affirmed their steadfast commitment to stand with beneficiaries and emphasised their readiness to collectively fight against any such discontinuation during the preparatory meeting of the Nizamabad Lok Sabha constituency at Telangana Bhavan.

KTR expressed confidence in BRS's victory in Nizamabad's Parliamentary seat, citing the party's leading position in votes during recent Assembly elections under Nizamabad Parliamentary constituency.

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KT Rama Rao said, "BRS is way ahead of the Congress and the BJP. However, a triangular fight is possible in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls in Telangana. We can win the Lok Sabha elections regardless of the assembly results if we fight hard to represent Telangana's interests. The Bharatiya Rashtra Samithi has had its share of electoral successes and setbacks."

KTR alleged that the Congress government had freezed bank accounts of selected Dalit Bandhu beneficiaries, a revolutionary scheme aimed at empowering Dalit families through financial grant of Rs. 10 lakhs each for their economic self-reliance. He slammed the cancellation of the Gruha Lakshmi scheme, designed for house construction for the poor.

"The Congress, despite having ruled for 50 years, has never implemented such innovative welfare programs," KTR said. "Now, they want to sabotage our initiatives like Dalit Bandhu, Gruha Lakshmi, BC Bandhu, and sheep distribution," he added.

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KTR specifically condemned the alleged backtracking plans of the Congress party on Dalit Bandhu, claiming they have forgotten their election promise to increase the grant per family from Rs. 10 lakhs to Rs. 12 lakhs. KTR cited the abrupt cancellation of the Gruha Lakshmi scheme, despite completing beneficiary identification and necessary proceedings. He vowed to stand by the affected families and fight for their rights.

KTR also lashed out at the Congress's drama about debts and white papers, accusing them of making false promises during the election campaign. He said that the Congress Deputy Chief Minister even denied promising unemployment allowance to the youth of the state in assembly. "They gave 420 guarantees, and we won't let them get away with talking about only six. BRS will hold them accountable for every promise made to the people," the BRS Working President said.

KTR contrasted the efficient delivery of welfare schemes under the BRS government with the alleged long queues and suffering inflicted by the current administration. "They are deliberately imposing bureaucratic delays for political gain. BRS will expose their mismanagement and put pressure on them to deliver," he added.

Calling upon party members, KTR urged them to work tirelessly at the field level to counter the poor performance and administration of the Congress government.

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