KTR: Bandi Sanjay should slap himself when my drug test report comes clean

"Bandi Sanjay said that he would adopt Bhainsa. I want to ask him what good he did for his own Karimnagar"


SIRCILLA: Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) State President and K T Rama Rao, on Tuesday, said that he was ready to get tested himself for drug usage only if BJP State President Bandi Sanjay, who repeatedly accused KTR of using narcotic drugs, was ready to slap himself with his slipper after his report came out clean.

"Bandi Sanjay said that he would adopt Bhainsa. I want to ask him what good he did for his own Karimnagar. We have been asking for a mega-power handloom cluster for Karimnagar since eight years. Bandi Sanjay does not have guts to speak in the parliament and ask his dear Narendra Modi for funds. All he does is criticise KCR. They boast about being double-engine but there is not a single thing they did for Karimnagar. Bandi Sanjay should focus on his speech in the parliament and focus on how he can get money for Karimnagar in the 2023 budget. Instead he is focused on defaming KCR and accusing me of using drugs," KTR said.

Speaking about the name of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) to Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS), KTR said that the change was merely to the name and the party only aimed at developing India the way Telangana developed.

He said, "The name of TRS was changed to BRS only with an agenda to bring development in the whole country, just like in Telangana. Our colour, our vision, our DNA, mainly our agenda haven't changed at all."

KTR also said that in Sircilla, there were only 44 electric substations built from independence to before 2014 and that after KCR came to power, 34 sub-stations were built with a cost of Rs 51 crore. The Minister also said that for the new Co-operative Electric Supply Society (CESS) posts in the 15 units of Sircilla, 60 percent candidates belonged to the minorities and that the people should consider electing a government that is development-oriented and inclusive of all sections of people.

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