Maharashtra officers impressed by weaving techniques of Telangana

They expressed their learnings from Telangana and attempted to apply the programmes in their state

Maharashtra Officers

HYDERABAD: A team of Maharashtra officers travelled to Telangana to study the weaving processes and designs used by Telangana weavers.

The Commissioner of Textiles, Government of Maharastra, Nagpur, has sent a team of officers to Telangana on January 8 and 9, 2023 to examine the weaving techniques and designs used by Telangana State weavers, as well as to learn about the Telangana State's initiatives.

On January 8, 20233, a team of officers visited Siricilla, Siddipet, and interacted with the weavers of Aadarsha and Siddipet Handloom Weavers Cooperative Societies, studying the type of yarn used by the weavers in the production of Gollabhama and Ramappa Silk Sarees, as well as the wages earned by the weavers.

They also observed the weaving and designing procedures of Gollabhama and Ramappa Silk Sarees. The team also visited Siricilla's Textile Park and Apparel Park, where they studied Rapier Loom and Semi Automatic Power Loom techniques and interacted with power loom weavers to learn about the benefits of schemes such as Chenetha Mithra, Nethanna Bheema, and Nethannaku Cheyutha, as well as Geo-Tagging.

On January 9, 2023, the team also paid a visit to the Pochampally Handloom Weavers Cooperative Society in the Yadadri District. During the journey, the team visited the weavers' houses in Pochampally village and spoke with the entrepreneurs and weavers who weaved Ikkat in various styles and patterns in silk and cotton. The team also observed Ikkat weaving processes, which need great precision and skill. The team admired the weaving style used by the weavers in weaving and creating.

The Maharastra team praised the Telangana State Government's initiatives such as the 40 percent yarn subsidy, insurance for weavers, and Nethannaku Cheyutha. Furthermore, the team also said that the loom geo-tagging technique would be deployed in Maharastra State.

The Maharastra team also met with the Commissioner of Handlooms and Textiles and AEPs, Hyderabad, to discuss the implementation of the various initiatives. They expressed their learnings from Telangana and attempted to apply the programmes in their state.

The Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and concerned ministers were commended by the Maharastra team for giving the handloom and textile industries priority. They also emphasised the need for more creative programmes and a strong T-TAP Policy to bring in both domestic and foreign textile industries, particularly technical textiles.

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