MLAs' poaching: Who are Rama Chandra Bharathi, Simhayaji, and Nandu Kumar?

The three main accused, who were caught while attempting to poach four TRS MLAs, have BJP and RSS links

Rama Chandra Bharathi, Simhayaji, and Nandu Kumar

HYDERABAD: Rama Chandra Bharathi, Simhayaji, and Nandu Kumar, the three main accused who were caught red-handed while trying to poach four MLAs of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS), were granted bail by the High Court on Thursday.

There are multiple evidences showing that these three people were no ordinary, god-loving swamijis. They handled deals worth crores of rupees, had contacts with big shots of the country – One of them even claimed meeting the Prime Minister and Home Minister and purportedly lived double lives.

Evidences are also indicating towards them having a strong connections with the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).

Investigation has been throwing light on this poachgate incident, portraying it to be a well-cooked propaganda by the BJP, who have a history of breaking ruling parties in various States by nabbing MLAs and politicians.

Who are RCB, Simhayaji and Nandu Kumar and other prominent names involved in the poaching?

Rama Chandra Bharathi alias Satish Sharma VK

RCB is the kingpin in the poaching case. Not just two Aadhar cards and two voter IDs, he also reportedly has two wives. He re-married after his first wife was diagnosed with cancer. He was an influential babaji from Faridabad, and operated from Kerala and Karnataka. He was connected to RSS General Secretary Dattatreya Hosabale, and also claimed to be in meetings with the Prime Minister and the Home Minister. He was identified to be the front face of the entire poaching operation. In a clipping, secretly captured during their attempt to poach TRS MLAs, he was heard saying that he was involved in the poaching incidents in Karnataka and Maharashtra. In his phone, investigating officers found suspicious conversations with National General Secretary of the BJP B L Santhosh, after which BL Santhosh was also sent a notice.

Simhayaji Swami alias Desai Ashok Kumar

It is unclear whether he is a Brahmin or a Reddy by caste. However, he performed brahmanic poojas and politicians, businessmen, bureaucrats were also connected to him. He operated from Andhra Pradesh (Tirupati). He had multiple contacts including Union Ministers to local leaders across the country and also boasted in the farmhouse video that the current Rajasthan Governor was his disciple. He also helped these people get VIP darshans at TTD temple. Simhayaji was also the connection between RCB and Nandu.

Nandu Kumar Kore alias Nandu

Nandu Kumar is the third accused in the case. He is the major connection between the local leaders, Rama Chandra Bharathi and Simhayaji. Reportedly, he was the one who convinced the other two about "Operation Lotus".

He had contacted leaders, met them frequently, and even met some leaders who were campaigning in Munugode on behalf of the TRS party. He called many leaders for the opening of "Deccan Kitchen", a restaurant venture he owns. The opening was done by Union Minister Kishan Reddy.

He reportedly sent a list of MLAs who were allegedly interested in making the jump from other parties to the BJP. He also shared this list with his wife Chitraleka Kore, his lawyer friends, Bhusarapu Srinivas and Pratap Goud.

Another aide of Nandu, a former Congress leader who recently made the jump to the BJP, Vijay Munjagala also featured in the conversations and was reportedly also aware of the poaching plan.

Simhayaji met MLA Pilot Rohith Reddy through Nandu Kumar. They performed poojas for Rohith.

BJP National General Secretary B L Santhosh

B.L. Santosh, the National General Secretary of the BJP and often called the bridge between the RSS and the BJP is another key figure who, according to reports, was in contact with RCB.

Photographs of RCB and Santhosh from Haridwar also find their way into RCB's mobile phone.

B.L. Santosh was called by the SIT set up by the Telangana Government to probe this case. He did not turn up and stated that he was busy in the Gujarat Elections. He was granted immunity from arrest by the High court. The Supreme Court of India questioned the need for supervision by the High Court resulting in loss of the immunity. BL Santosh would now have to appear before the SIT. Eventually, the High Court granted stay on his questioning by the SIT.

Pogulakonda Pratap Goud

Appointed as official Spokesperson of Telangana state - OBC Morcha of the BJP, he was also informed of the MLAs' poaching even before the night of October 26. Also having a nexus in a few other works of Nandu, Pratap is an important part of the case.

Bhusarapu Srinivas- close aide to Telangana BJP President Bandi Sanjay

Bhusarapu Srinivas also booked multiple flight tickets for Simhayaji. The flight on October 26, 2022 (the day of the arrest) was also booked by Srinivas. Simhayaji and Srinivas also travelled together to World Brahmin Federation event at Delhi on September 4 2022.

Dr Jaganathan alias Jaggu Swami

Dr Jaggu Swamy, the General Director of AIMS( Amritanandamayi Institute of Medical Sciences, Faridabad and Kochin) is another important person to feature in the conversations and the poaching case. Dr Jaggu Swami was reportedly informed of the poaching by RCB almost a week prior to them landing in Hyderabad. Their conversations also purportedly included mentioning names of Amit Shah and the PMO.

Jaggu Swami was summoned by the S.I.T.(Telangana Police) investigating the poaching case which he did not attend after which a look out notice was issued against his name.

Thushar Vellapally

A key part in the poaching case, Thushar Vellapally is the convener of National Democratic Alliance (NDA) in Kerala and Chief of a BJP-ally political party Bharath Dharma Jana Sena (BDJS). Reportedly, there were conversations between RCB, Jaggu Swami and Thushar regarding the poaching.

The SIT issued a notice to Thushar. After his evasion to appear for questioning and filing a petition that the case be handed over to the CBI, the court ordered him to cooperate with the investigation and asked the SIT not to arrest him.

Vijay Kumar Munjagalla

He was a former Congress leader who shifted to the BJP recently. Reportedly, he was a close aide to Simhayaji and also was in touch with RCB and Nandu Kumar.

He appeared before SIT team regarding the poaching case and reportedly also confirmed few suspicions of the police.

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