Telangana Govt restores, preserves heritage structures to protect history, culture

The true soul of a place is found in its heritage and how it is preserved, says KT Rama Rao

Heritage Structures

HYDERABAD: The Telangana state government, which believes that a city is more than just cement concrete structures, and steel bridges, has been on a restoration spree of heritage structures since the state's inception and has undertaken numerous restoration projects throughout the state.

With the goal of restoring history that has been neglected for several years, the government started a number of restoration projects, including the Charminar restoration and pedestrianisation project, the Moazzam Jahi Market restoration, the Kamaan restoration, the Mahboob Chowk restoration, the Step-well restoration in Hyderabad, the restoration of step-well and also part of the Quli Qutub Shah Tombs, and the renovation and development work at Miralam Mandi.

"The true soul of a place is found in its heritage and how it is preserved," and this is what the Telangana government is attempting to do in collaboration with the relevant stakeholders," says Telangana IT and MA&UD minister K T Rama Rao.

Charminar Pedestrian Project

The Charminar Pedestrianization Project, which was the idea of KT Rama Rao, the Minister for Municipal Administration and Urban Development, was taken on by the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) in 2018 at a cost of Rs. 60.02 crore and is currently being carried out in collaboration with two government departments. The GHMC has already finished the pedestrianisation project, providing granite pavement along Laad Bazar Road, Sardarmahal Road, the buffer zone, and Mecca Masjid Road. A fencing is being installed in the no-hawker zone around the Charminar, and bollards are being fixed, and the cobblestone flooring along the Laad Bazaar is being replaced with granite. Mockup work for the façade development of Laad Bazaar (including mock-ups for two shops) is also currently in progress.

Moazzam Jahi Market Restoration

The GHMC accomplished the preservation and restoration of MJ Market in 2020, which included replacing the jack arches, abrasive cleaning, new flooring, outside railings, sewage work, and the clock tower.

The development had netizens praising the government for taking up the restoration, with many pointing out that the sight is a really majestic one.

Clock Tower Restoration

With a budget of Rs 2.67 crores, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) successfully restored Mahboob Chowk, Sultan Bazar clock tower, CSI Church clock tower, Ramgopalpet Police Station clock tower, the Indira Gandhi statue clock tower at Monda Market, and Shah Ali Banda clock tower as part of a special initiative to renovate and restore all 12 clock towers of the twin cities.

Kamaan Restoration

The Moula Ali Kamaan and Bansilalpet Kaaman have both been successfully restored by the GHMC, while the Char Kamaan restoration near the Charminar is currently in progress. The GHMC is spending Rs 3.64 crores to renovate these kamaans.

Step-well Restoration in Hyderabad

The state government is working with GHMC, HMDA, and the Rain Water Project to restore more than 10 step wells in Hyderabad, including Bapu Ghat, Bansilalpet Stepwell, Precint Well, Kondapur Well, Gachibowli Well, Kokapet Well, Goshala Well-1, Goshala Well-2, Step Wells in Victoria Memorial Home, Saidanimaa Tomb Step-well, and Bhagwan Das Step-well. The much-discussed renovation of the Bansilalpet step-well has already garnered appreciation from all around the world.

Step-well restoration across Telangana

Step wells are being renovated by the Telangana state government throughout the state, not just in Hyderabad. The HMDA and Collector, Narayanpet, successfully restored three step wells: Baaram Baavi Step-well, Dhanwada Step-well (both in Narayanpet), and Swarna Sai Mandiram Step-well (in Choutuppal).

Other Restoration Projects

The state government, in collaboration with the GHMC, the Quli Qutub Shah Urban Development Authority (QQSUDA), the Aga Khan Trust, the Telangana State Tourism Development Corporation (TSTDC), and the Archeology Department, has successfully restored the Ashoor Khana in Hussaini Alam, the Koti Women's College (British Residency), the Quli Qutub Shah Tombs, and built an amphitheatre in Deccan Park. They were also currently working on the conservation and facade development of the Pathergatti Stone Arcade.

Upcoming Renovation Projects

The state government is currently working with GHMC, HMDA, and QQSUDA to reconstruct Mahboob Chowk (MurgiChowk) in Laad Bazar, as well as restore Sardar Mahal, Miralam Mandi, Julu Kaman, Mir Alam Mandi Kaman, Gulzar House Fountain, the State Central Library, Shaikpet Sarai, and Khursheed Jah Devdi.

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