What's worked, what didn't for BRS, Congress, BJP in campaigns so far

According to BRS insiders, even if there is reduction in vote share and seats, the party will score a hat-trick and form the Government by winning atleast 72 seats, with a margin of (+/-5)

Whats worked, what didnt for BRS, Congress, BJP in campaigns so far

HYDERABAD: What are the factors that are likely to influence voters? How has the BRS, the Congress and the BJP fared in terms of their campaign. With just around 48 hours left for the election blitzkreig to reach its cresendo, here's how the public have been receptive of the campaigns by parties.

What's working for the BRS?

  • People likely to vote for the BRS at KCR's face value
  • No matter who is the MLA candidate is, KCR as Chief Minister is a huge plus
  • The slogan ‘Etlunde Telangana - Etlaindi Telangana’ (How was Telangana earlier - How is Telangana now) has found connect with the masses
  • Announcing tickets for candidates way ahead of anyone else has come across as a confident move
  • Despite being a Chief Minister, KCR is organising a minimum of two to a maximum of four meetings everyday
  • KCR comparing the qualities of BRS candidates and rival leaders has been seen as sign of mature politics

Features of KCR's speech

  • KCR's focus is on '24 hours power by Telangana vs 5 hours power by Karnataka'
  • Revanth Reddy's comments on power, 'illogical' comment on using 10hp motor to irrigate land, used as key weapon to attack the Congress
  • He is highlighting the numourous Chief Ministerial aspirants of the Congress
  • Voters are able to relate to KCR's sentiments that it was the Congress that looted the resources, destroyed Telangana
  • KCR is questioning what is the guarantee that the Congress would implement all its six guarantees when it has not done so in the past
  • Campaign that KCR means trust and Congress meant selling away Telangana has gone down well among the masses
  • KCR is highlighting infighting in the Congress and that they are not in a position to name a Chief Ministerial candidate.
  • Public are aware of the fact that Revanth Reddy did not win a single election so far after becoming the TPCC president
  • What's working for the Congress and what is not
  • Most of the leaders who did not get a Congress ticket, have joined the BRS as its second rung cadre
  • Congress senior leaders were upset that they were not given tickets despite being promised earlier
  • Revanth Reddy is campaigning alone without those seniors
  • The six guarantees are a plus, internal strife is a big negative
  • Before even coming to power, Congress leaders are gunning for the chair of Chief Minister
  • BC leader Ponnala Lakshmiah leaving the Congress has been a big blow to the party
  • Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi are using the Indiramma Rajyam sentiment but have not been able to counter KCR's comments that hunger, crisis and India's Emergency in 1975 marked the Indiramma Rajyam.

BJP's hits and misses

- BJP has high hopes on its campaign of nominating a BC Chief Minister

- The party is looking to woo the BCs, Dalits and STs

- Top brass of the party inclduing Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and BJP president JP Nadda are running the campaign

- BJP suffered a major setback after Bandi Sanjay was removed as president

- There are rumours of rift between Bandi Sanjay and Etela Rajender

- Even if the target is 30 seats, the party does not not look to cross single digits

- If the BJP recovers, it will be an anti-incumbency vote

Analysis of parties

- According to BRS insiders, even if there is reduction in vote share and seats, the party will score a hat-trick and form the Government by winning atleast 72 seats, with a margin of (+/-5)

- AIMIM is expected to win six seats, but is expected to lose one major seat

- Despite an increase in vote share, the Congress is likely to win a maximum of 33 seats

- The BJP's hopes of hung Assembly are dashed. The party wanted to play the role of king maker in the scenario of a hung Assembly. Social engineering by Narendra Modi-Amit Shah did not work. The BJP is expected to win not more than five seats.

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