Elect BJP Chief Minister to fulfil Telangana's aspirations: Amit Shah

Amit Shah reached the public meeting venue at 5;55 pm. He formally inducted Komatireddy Rajgopal Reddy into the BJP

Amit Shah

MUNUGODE: Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Sunday called upon the people of Telangana to elect a Chief Minister of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) if they wanted to see their aspirations fulfilled.

Addressing the BJP Samara Bheri public meeting here, which officially set in motion the party's campaign for the impending Munugode by-election, he posed several pointed questions in a retort to KCR's Saturday diatribe against the BJP and the Narendra Modi government at the Centre. Interestingly, Amit Shah chose to respond to KCR's questions with counter-questions rather than answers.

He referred to Komatireddy Rajgopal Reddy as his friend (mere mithr) and said that his joining the BJP signalled the beginning of the end for the KCR regime in the state. He alleged that the Kaleswaram Project had been turned into a cash cow.

The Union Home Minister said that KCR had been cheating all sections of the people and backtracking on the promises he had made during elections. He wondered why he did not make a Dalit as CM and commented that only KTR, and no one else, would succeed KCR if he were to be replaced. The BJP top leader also chose the occasion to rake up the issue of Telangana Liberation Day.

"Before coming to power, KCR had promised that September 17th would be observed as Telangana Vimochan Din (Telangana Liberation Day) every year in memory of those who fought against the Razakars. What happened to the promise? Why is he not observing the Telangana Liberation Day. He refrains from it because of his fear for Majlis (AIMIM)", he said.

Amith Shah also raised questions on a host of issues ranging from Rythu Bandu, double-bed room houses for the poor and super-speciality hospitals in districts. He appealed to the electorate of Munugode to vote for Komatireddy Rajgopal Reddy, which he said, would pave the way for a clean and corruption-free BJP government in the state.

Amit Shah reached the public meeting venue at 5;55 pm. He formally inducted Komatireddy Rajgopal Reddy, who is necessitating the by-election in Munugode, into the BJP fold by felicitating him with a saffron scarf. The Union minister later raised Rajgopal Reddy's hand symbolising his new political beginning with the BJP.

Komatireddy Rajgopal Reddy, in his speech, said that there was a fight going on in the state against family rule. He also dismissed the accusations that he switched sides for selfish financial benefits. "I'm not selfish and am blemishless. That's why, I decided to resign and prepared for the electoral fight again. I resigned because no benefit was done to the people of my constituency by the KCR government. Despite repeated requests, I was never given an appointment. Vexed with KCR's attitude, I resigned", he said.

The by-election was thrust upon not for the sake of an individual but for the self-esteem of the Telangana people, he said.

Contrary to the earlier projections, only Komatireddy Rajgopal Reddy was inducted into the party on Sunday. There was speculation earlier that the BJP would get several leaders of various levels to join the party in the presence of Amit Shah at the Munugode public meeting.

Below are the highlights of Amit Shah's speech at the BJP Samara Bheri public meeting in Munugode:

Rajagopal Reddy joined the BJP to defeat TRS.

♦ Amit Shah referred to Rajgopal Reddy as 'mere mithr' (my friend)

♦ Rajgopal Reddy's joining BJP is the beginning of the ouster of the KCR regime.

♦ Rajagopal Reddy joined the BJP not just to become a leader but also to destroy the TRS party in Telangana.

♦ I urge Manugode citizens to support BJP's Rajgopal Reddy in Munugode. I swear, KCR's corrupt government will disappear.

♦ KCR promised, if his government is formed, September 17th will be observed as Telangana Vomochan Day (Telangana Liberation Day). What happened to that promise?

♦ KCR does not observe Telangana Vimochan Din as he fears Majlis (AIMIM).

♦ I tell you, Munugode people, a BJP Chief Minister is coming in 2023. The BJP govt will observe the Liberation day on September 17.

♦ KCR promised Rs 3,000 per month to the unemployed. Is anyone really receiving it?

♦ What happened to the Super-specialty hospital in every district? Was it started in Nalgonda?

♦ Telangana CM pledged to provide two-bedroom houses. Did he give two-bedroom houses? KCR didn't even provide standard restrooms that Modi ji did.

♦ KCR promised that a Dalit will be made the Telangana CM. Even if he is vacating the seat, KTR will take over as CM but he will never allow a Dalit to become the Telangana CM.

♦ What happened to the jobs he promised? The only individuals who got employment were from KCR's family.

♦ When our Rajender Ji was fighting Huzurabad by-election, KCR announced that every Dalit will be given Rs 10 lakh under Dalit Bandu. Did you receive it?

♦ KCR promised to give three-acre land to Dalits. Did he give it?

♦ He even promised to give land to tribals. Has he fulfilled that promise?

♦ Employment guarantee is only confined to the KCR family.

♦ KCR govt is cheating farmers. The farmers here are suffering because the PM Kisan Yojana is not being implemented. Bring BJP to power, we assure all farmers that every kg of their produce will be bought.

♦ For KCR's family, the Kaleswaram project has become an ATM machine.

♦ Telangana has the highest fuel prices in the country. KCR's government failed to reduce them even after the prices were decreased by PM Modi.

♦ Elect a BJP government in Telangana which will fulfill your aspirations.

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