Kaushik Reddy dares Etela for an open debate on Huzurabad

TRS MLC Padi Kaushik Reddy on Tuesday dared BJP legislator Etela Rajender for a public debate in Huzurabad on August 5

MLC Padi Kaushik Reddy

MLC Padi Kaushik Reddy (File Photo)

HYDERABAD: TRS MLC Padi Kaushik Reddy on Tuesday dared BJP legislator Etela Rajender for a public debate in Huzurabad on August 5 on the development of his constituency over the years. Addressing a press meet at the TRSLP office here, the young legislator went all guns blazing against the BJP leader castigating him for his recent utterances against the TRS government and KCR.

Calling Rajender a liar, Kaushik Reddy wondered why the former was tightlipped on the questions he posed. "It's time, Rajender showcases the development he accomplished in Huzurabad. Then, I too will show him what KCR did for the development of the state," he said.

He also ridiculed the BJP MLA for claiming to contest against KCR in Gajwel. "He did nothing for Huzurabad, the constituency he had been representing for a long time. And still, he is harbouring dreams of fighting against KCR in Gajwel," he commented.

"Why did he not develop Huzurabad on the lines of Siddipet and Sircilla? Gangula Kamalakar transformed Banswada with all-round development. What stopped Rajender doing a similar job in Huzurabad?", he questioned.

Stating that Rajender was being treated like a joker by BJP state chief Bandi Sanjay, Kaushik Reddy claimed that his own partymen were branding him as a broker. "Etela had received the highest honour that was only next to KCR when he was in the TRS. Now, people are closely watching how he is being treated in the BJP. To his misfortune, he is known to the national leaders only when he is introduced to them by D K Aruna," the MLC remarked.

Kaushik Reddy said that KCR had released about Rs 100 crores of SDF funds to Huzurabad for its development. He asked Rajender if he had managed to get any central funds in the last 10 months since his re-election. He dared Etela to get Rs 100 crores of funds released from the Centre, saying that he would match it by getting Rs 120 crores from the TRS government in the state.

The young MLC also asserted that Rajender could never be compared on a par with KCR. "Just the way I cannot be compared to Etela in political experience, there is similar difference in stature between KCR and Etela," he asserted. He said that only KCR had the stamina to contest from anywhere and win in the state.

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