3 families ostracised as community head turns lecherous in Cherukuvada

In a case of medieval justice, community heads in Cherukuvada of West Godavari district have ostracised three families for 'not falling in line' with them


UNDI (West Godavari): In a case of medieval justice, community heads in Cherukuvada of Undi mandal in West Godavari district have ostracised three families for the fault of 'not falling in line' with them. A complete social boycott is being forced on the hapless families as the villagers were warned against talking to them and interacting with them. What's more, to enforce this rule strictly, the so-called community heads have issued a diktat that anyone who talked to the condemned families would have to pay a fine of Rs 5,000.

Rani and Satish, the victims, along with their kids, are the couple primarily at the receiving end of this regressive, stone-age punishment, unfortunately happening in the most ultra modern of times. Why did the couple face this punishment in the first place? A look deeper into the issue shows how the lesser mortals continue to get victimised further at the hands of those wielding power in their 'lust to exploit' others.

One of the community heads, identified as Kanaka Rao, is alleged to have turned lecherous in his bid to sexually exploit Rani. He was reportedly harassing Rani for quite some time and creating troubles for the family as a pressure tactic. Unable to put up with Kanaka Rao's behaviour, the couple have recently approached the police with a complaint against him.

And hell broke loose as the community heads, who ironically had no qualms with Kanaka Rao harassing the couple, took this matter seriously. Enraged at them going to the police, they ostracised the family from the community. Besides Rani and Satish, their two families were also subjected to the social boycott.

The local police formally registered a case against community heads Kanaka Rao and Madhu Mohan, based on a complaint about the ostracisation of the families. Already traumatised, the family was jolted further when a deeply hurt Rani made an attempt to end her life. According to reports, she was being treated at a local hospital.

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