MLAs' poaching: BJP, TRS workers clash at Yousufguda Check Post

The BJP workers staged a protest on the road while raising slogans against the TRS


HYDERABAD: With tempers running high over the farmhouse fiasco, in which three persons were detained by the Cyberabad police for allegedly trying to poach TRS MLAs, activists belonging to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) clashed with one another in Hyderabad on Friday morning. The two sides came to blows in a street brawl that caused commotion and brought the traffic to a halt at the busy Yousufguda Check Post area of Jubilee Hills.

The BJP workers, riled by the burning of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's effigies on Thursday, staged a protest on the road while raising slogans against the TRS. They said that it was in fact the TRS which staged the whole poaching episode to defame the BJP ahead of the Munugode Assembly by-elections.

Retaliating quickly, the TRS party workerstried to stall the BJP protest, leading to an altercation which soon turned into a street fight. In a free-for-all, men and women from both sides were seen grappling with one another and indulging in fisticuffs.

Police rushed to the spot and dispersed the warring sides to diffuse the situation. They apprehended the BJP workers and shifted them to the Jubilee Hills police station.

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