It may be easy win for BRS MLA Pailla Shekar Reddy in Bhongir Assembly seat

Accessibility to people and support fro, Jitta Balakrishna Reddy and Um Madhava Reddy willl help Pailla Shekar Reddy for a renewed teerm.

It may be easy win for BRS MLA Pailla Shekar Reddy in Bhongir Assembly seat

Assembly constituency: Bhongir

District: Bhongir

MLA: Pailla Shekar Reddy (Reddy)


Total Voters: 2,06,833

Booths: 257

Urban Voters: 29%

Rural Voters: 71%

Male: 51%

Female: 49%

Caste & Religious Demography

Gen + BC: 78%

SC: 16%

ST: 4%

Hindu: 92 %

Muslim: 5%

Others : 3%


Pailla Shekar Reddy (BRS)

MLA profile

Personal background

Pailla Shekhar Reddy was born to Ramreddy in Nannharpet village, Atmakur Mandal, Yadadri-Bhuvanagiri District on January 1, 1968. He earned his Diploma in Civil Engineering from SES SN Murthy Polytechnic College of Khammam.

Pailla Shekar, who stayed in the USA for almost two decades, returned and joined the Telangana movement. He is well-known for providing free water to every village in both the Leeru and Bhuvanagiri constituencies using his own money through the Srujala dhatha foundation.

In 2014, he was elected as an MLA for his services and charitable work. For a long time, he has been distributing water in flouride-affected areas through his NGO, which has helped him gain popularity in Bhongir and Aleru.

Pailla Shekhar Reddy, known for his down-to-earth personality, is always available to the people of Bhongir. He provided safe drinking water to Nalgonda district residents who had been affected by fluoride pollution.

Kumbam Anil Kumar Reddy (Congress)

Kumbam Anil Kumar quit the BRS and is now contesting on behalf of the Congress in the Bhongir constituency. Anil Kumar is a strong Congress candidate who received the party ticket from TPCC president A Revanth Reddy after the Congress leadership recognised Anil's viability and welcomed him back into the party.

Gudur Narayana Reddy (BJP)

Gudur Narayana Reddy, a Congress member since 1981, has resigned as TPCC treasurer and from AICC membership in 2020. He shifted his loyalties to the BJP from the Congress. In the 2023 Assembly elections, he is contesting on behalf of the BJP.

Constituency details


The Reddy community is the most powerful in Bhongir, both politically and economically. Since 1957, 15 elections were held, and the Bhongir MLA has always been from the Reddy community, with the exception of two terms when Konda Laxman Bapuji was elected.

The Yadavas, Gouds, and Mudhiraj communities support the TRS in the Bhongir constituency.


The Baswapur reservoir in Valigonda mandal was proposed by the Telangana government. Due to the proposed Baswapur reservoir development, many villagers were forced to leave their homes without compensation or rehabilitation.

A majority of the people opposed the TRS's proposed redesign of the Baswapur projects. They even voted against the TRS in local body elections.

Bhongir's social groups include the Yadavas, Goud, Mudhiraj, Padmashali Mala, and Madhigas. The BCs who are now supporting the TRS were previously supporters of the TDP.

2014 Assembly constituency analysis

TRS candidate Pailla Shekar Reddy was elected as MLA in 2014, riding the TRS wave and his efforts to provide water purifiers to each village. His early work as an NRI, as well as charitable activities among the underprivileged, earned him a good reputation in the constituency.

The TRS wave, combined with strong anti-incumbency sentiment against three-term MLA Uma Madhava Reddy, favoured Pailla Shekar Reddy.

Several TDP leaders defected to the TRS during the Telangana movement. TDP votes were split between the TRS and independent candidate Jitta Balakrishna in Valigonda and Bibinagar Mandal, owing primarily to those who did not support the movement. TRS was overwhelmingly supported by BC castes in 2014.

Pothamshetty Venkateshwarlu, a Congress member from the Munnurkapu community, received support from his caste and Bhongir residents.

Minorities in Bhuvanagiri have traditionally supported the TDP due to the long-standing relationship between Muslims and Madhava Reddy, even after his death.

2018 Assembly constituency analysis

The defection of the Bhongir municipal chairman from the BJP, as well as councillors from the TDP and the Congress to the TRS, was critical in removing the BJP from power in the Bhongir municipality and securing the municipal chairperson for the TRS in the 2018 elections.

The TRS received support for government schemes such as Rythu Bandhu and Asara pension, which benefited the rural population, as well as the establishment of water plants in every village and town.

Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao promised during a public meeting that if the TRS was re-elected in Bhongir, he would promote Shekar Reddy to the position of minister.

The encounter of Gangster Nayeem was also beneficial to the TRS, as many people in the area had suffered as a result of his land-grabbing activities. Pailla Shekar Reddy was recognised for portraying the encounter as a significant accomplishment for the party.

Jitta Balakrishna Reddy, who had lost to the TRS in the 2014 elections, contested in an alliance with the BJP through his Yuva Telangana party. His alliance campaign split his votes with Congress candidate Kumbam Anil Kumar Reddy in the Bhongir and Valigonda mandals.

Kumbam Anil Kumar Reddy, a former aide to Komati Reddy Venkat Reddy, gained support for the Congress, increasing its vote share in the Assembly constituency to 35 percent.

The TRS received votes from the Yadav, Goud, SC, and Mudiraj communities in all four mandals. The Munnurukapu, Vaisya, Vanjari, and minority communities all supported the Congress.

The BJP leaders and cadres were disappointed by the late announcement of an alliance with Jitta Balakrishna Reddy in the Assembly constituency. The BJP was supported by the majority of Vaishyas in the town.

A majority of castes in Bhuvanagiri supported the TRS because of KCR's election promises, including Yadavas, Gouds, Mudhiraj, SC Malas, and Madhigas.

TRS received strong support from the Padmashali community in Pochampally mandals.

Current situation

BRS candidate Pailla Shekar Reddy, known for his dedication and accessibility to voters, has garnered positive feedback and a positive reputation. The BRS is expected to gain significant advantages from the addition of candidates from other parties, including Jitta Balakrishna Reddy and Uma Madhava Reddy.

However, Congress candidate K Anil Kumar Reddy lost credibility among voters after repeatedly switching his loyalties.

Elector insight predicts that BRS candidate Pailla Shekar Reddy will emerge victorious in this segment with a substantial margin.

Key local issues

Bhongir Bus-stand development.

Road widening and potholes.

Establishment of a Government Degree College

Development of Bhongir Fort to attract tourism.

Implementation of Underground Drainage.

Seeking justice for victims of Gangster Nayeem.

Improvement of conditions at the Government Hospital, with a need for a hundred-bed hospital in Bhongir

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