MLA Kale Yadiah fighting former MLA K S Ratnam of BJP in Chevella

MLA Kale Yadaiah is contesting on behalf of the BRS again in 2023, while K.S Ratnam is contesting on behalf of the BJP

MLA Kale Yadiah fighting former MLA K S Ratnam of BJP in Chevella

Assembly constituency: Chevella

District: Ranga Reddy

MLA: Kale Yadaiah (Madiga)

Reservation: GEN

Total Voters: 2,44,158

Booths: 298

Urban Voters: 0%

Rural Voters: 100%

Male: 51.6 %

Female: 48.3 %

Caste & Religious Demography

Gen + BC:74 %

SC: 23%

ST: 1.7%

Hindu: 91 %

Muslim: 7 %

Others : 2 %


Kale Yadaiah (BRS)

Personal Background

Kale Yadaiah was born on May 16, 1962 in Chinchalpet. Yadaiah, who comes from an agricultural family, is a follower of the late Indra Reddy. He maintains constant contact with the public in the villages through his flagship programme, Shubodayam.He is currently in the second round of this programme.

Political background

Yadaiah began his political career as a Congress supporter of Late Indra Reddy. Yadaiah was the Chairman of the Primary Agricultural Credit Society (PACS) and a Mandal Parishad president (MPP) in Nawabpet.

He contested on behalf of the Congress in 2009 but lost, and in 2014 he shifted his loyalties to the TRS. He contested on behalf of the TRS and was elected as an MLA in the 2018 elections.

Profession: Politician and Businessman

Pamena Bheembharat (Congress)

Pamena Bheembharat who's contesting from the Congress holds BA, LLB degree. He is known for his social activities in Chevella constituency and provided financial assistance to tribal women in the constituency. He also offered food packets in the slums in his constituency during the COVID-19 pandemic.

KS Ratnam (BJP)

The BJP has fielded former MLA K.S Ratnam from Chevella constituency who joined the BJP ahead of Telangana Assembly elections 2023. Former TRS candidate K.S Ratnam faced the Congress candidate Kale Yadaiah in the 2014 Assembly elections.

Yadaiah later joined the TRS, while Ratnam left to join the Congress. Kale Yadaiah is contesting on behalf of the TRS Telangana Assembly elections in 2023, while K.S Ratnam is contesting on behalf of the Congress. Both candidates will face each other again, but this time from opposing political parties.

Constituency details


Chevella Assembly, comprising Chevella, Nawabpet, Shankarpalle, Shabad, and Moinabad Madals. It is located near Hyderabad city and is experiencing rapid real estate market development.

The Chevalla Assembly, established in 1962, served as a general assembly until 2008. In 2009, due to delimitation, it became the SC Reserved constituency.

Political history

The Chevella Assembly, a key Congress stronghold until 1985, became a significant TDP stronghold after Indra Reddy's emergence. Stalwart Indra Reddy joined the Congress prior to the 1999 Assembly elections, and the Congress has won the constituency from the same family ever since, until 2009.

In the 2009 Assembly constituency, the Congress was defeated by the TDP by a narrow margin of 2,000 votes, while Kurma voters, who had traditionally supported Indra Reddy, were split between the Congress and the Praja Rajyam Party (PRP). Congress leader Kale Yadaiah joined the TRS (now BRS) in 2016.

The Congress had strongholds in Moinabad and Nawabpet. Chevella and Shabad Mandals were the TRS strongholds.

2014 Assembly constituency analysis

The Congress won this constituency by a narrow margin of 345 votes, despite the fact that Kale Yadaiah had previously lost by a narrow margin in previous elections, and his ground connection worked in his favour.

The Congress received support from the Mala, Muslim, Reddy, Kummari, and fisherman communities. The TRS received significant support from the Mudiraj community and other smaller BC communities. Magida voters voted for all parties, with the TRS receiving the most votes, while settlers voted for the TDP.

2018 Assembly constituency analysis

Although the Congress had a good chance in the 2018 Assembly election, Sabitha Indra Reddy's close associate Venkata Swamy was denied a ticket. She did not support Congress candidate Korani Sayanna Ratnam, who shifted his loyalties from the TRS to the Congress.

Sabitha Indra Reddy backed Kalye Yadaiah, a former associate. Kale Yadaiah consolidated the support of BCs, Magida, and divided Muslim votes with the help of Mahindar Reddy in Sabad Mandal, and won with a whopping 39,000 votes.

Congress candidate Ratnam received only 65,000 votes, which included Mala, Muslims, and Kummari votes. The BJP candidate received 5,400 votes, the majority of which came from the urban areas of Sankarapalle and Chevella.

Current situation

There is anti-incumbency against the MLA due to the unemployment issue, the 111 G.O issue, and the lack of drinking water facilities.

There is a mixed reaction to Congress candidates, as well as sympathy for him because he lost twice. Some people believe he was not given enough opportunities to prove himself.

Key local issues

  • 111 G.O (84 Villages)
  • Drinking water to Hyderabad was located in ponds in this constituency but no water to Chevella/No water from Manjeera
  • Moinabad town - Dumping yard, Junior college
  • Chilkur Balaji (3 km road - 3 lines)
  • Most backward mandal Nawabpeta
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