BRS is secular by choice, not due to political compulsions: KTR

KTR emphasized that these instances were misrepresented by Congress for political gains, urging the public to see through the falsehoods and maintain communal harmony.

BRS is secular by choice, not due to political compulsions: KTR

Hyderabad, November 28: BRS Working President and Minister K Tarakarama Rao exposed what he referred to as a "major conspiracy" by Congress to incite communal tension ahead of the upcoming Assembly elections.

Addressing a press conference at Pragathi Bhavan on Tuesday, KTR criticized the Congress party for levelling baseless allegations against the BRS government, claiming the demolition of nine mosques. He stated that Congress leaders had propagated baseless claims, misleading Muslim organizations and the public. He asserted that upon cross-checking, it was revealed that all the allegations were false.

KTR informed that two mosques, Masjid Daftar-e-Motamadi and Masjid Hashmi, were demolished alongside a temple during the reconstruction of the Telangana Secretariat. These structures were originally part of the Secretariat complex. Masjid-e-Ek Khana and Ashoor Khana in Amberpet initially used as residences, were demolished for road expansion. The Muslim family occupying the structure received compensation of Rs. 2.5 crore from the authorities who were not aware of the religious places.

Khwaja Mahmood mosque in Shamshabad was demolished amid a legal dispute, but prompt intervention led to its reconstruction. Similarly, the Qutb Shahi Masjid in Shahmirpet faced demolition attempts by land grabbers, but the plot was thwarted. Local Hindus supported the reconstruction. A mosque in a forest area in Kothagudem Bhadradri was demolished by the forest department in 2019. But following protests by local Muslims, it was re-constructed.

The accusation of demolishing Masjid Noori in Shamshabad was wrong as only a shop adjacent to the mosque was demolished by the National Highways Authority of India, not the state government.

Allegations of mosque demolition in Jalalguda, Balapur, lacked supporting evidence. A Congress leader's uncertain claims raised questions about the mosque's existence. Likewise, the claims of Qutb Shahi Masjid behind Hayat Bakshi Masjid's demolition had no supporting evidence.

KTR emphasized that these instances were misrepresented by Congress for political gains, urging the public to see through the falsehoods and maintain communal harmony.

KTR strongly criticized the Congress, asserting that the party, which has been in power for the past 55 years, is now speaking about the backwardness of Muslims, conveniently overlooking its responsibility for their plight. He cautioned the Muslim community about the potential negative consequences of a caste census proposed by the Congress party in its Minority Declaration, emphasizing that it could lead to the loss of minority status granted by the constitution. He argued that the Congress's decision to include Muslims in the BC category jeopardizes institutions like the Minority Finance Corporation, the Minority Commission, and the Department of Minority Welfare.

KTR expressed concerns that the Congress's move could fuel resentment between Muslims and backward classes, potentially paving the way for the implementation of a Uniform Civil Code. He alleged that the presence of an "RSS agent" (Revant Reddy) in Gandhi Bhavan was responsible for Congress's attempt to prepare the ground to introduce a uniform civil code in the state.

He argued that the Uniform Civil Code is not only detrimental to Muslims but also to tribal communities across the country, emphasizing the broader threat it poses to India. "BRS party will never support the Uniform Civil Code as its implementation violates the Fundamental Rights guaranteed by the Constitution, including Article 25 (freedom to profess and practice one’s religion) and Article 29 (right to have a distinct culture)," he said.

We are secular by choice, not by chance: KTR

"We are secular by choice, not by chance or due to any political compulsions. We never made secularism a political tool. CM KCR has been in active politics for 45 years and was elected as MLA in 1985. So far, the BRS party has contested five elections and never allied with the BJP. It will remain distant from the BJP in the future," KTR declared.

Further, KTR said, “We don’t need to walk 4,000 km to prove our secularism. We just need to walk four steps to reach our neighbours and attend their needs. Those four steps are education, care, law & order, respect and honour for all communities.”

Responding to the announcements by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah regarding the scrapping of 4% Muslim reservations, KTR contended that this decision extends beyond individuals like Modi, Shah, or Kishan Reddy. He clarified that Muslim reservations are based on educational, social, and economic backwardness rather than religion, and criticized Modi and Shah for their apparent lack of knowledge about the specifics of these reservations.

KTR reiterated the BRS party's commitment to securing 12 per cent Muslim reservations, highlighting a unanimous resolution passed in 2016 that was sent to the centre for approval but was halted by the Modi government. He expressed optimism about the establishment of a secular government in 2024, in which the BRS would play a crucial role, allowing for renewed efforts to secure the 12 per cent reservation.

"BRS Govt had spent Rs 12,780 crore on minority welfare in the last nine-and-a-half years. We've also established 205 minority residential schools and 204 junior colleges where 1.32 lakh poor students are currently studying. Is there any state in the country that has done so much for minorities during this period?" he asked.

He questioned the Congress leaders why such schemes for the welfare of minorities were not being implemented in the States where they are in power. He said BRS would continue to addressing the backwardness of Muslims through concrete initiatives such as the establishment of residential schools, fee reimbursements, and financial support for education abroad.

Regarding the BJP's proposal to change the name of Hyderabad, KTR dismissed the idea, stating that altering the city's name would not alter its destiny. He emphasized Hyderabad's rich history of 450 years and categorically rejected any attempts to rename the city under any circumstances.

He asserted that the BRS, led by the Chief Minister, will win over 88 seats independently in the upcoming elections, eliminating the need for external support. (eom)

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